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    Will tension create attention for you?

    As many people have negative effects when tension prevails in their life as they get disrupted and they will not do the work properly.But some people will get attention on what they are doing as tension prevails.So will tension disrupts your proceedings or create an attention to your work.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Nobody should work under tension. The chances of doing mistakes in tension are more. So you should not get pressurized when some works are to be carried out. When you feel that many works are there to carry out, work out a plan basing on the priorities and complete the works with full attention on the work. If we are not attentive we may not be able to complete the work as desired and as required. So even you are under tension you should not lose concentration on your work. Sometimes I may be feeling that I have many works to be completed, I take a little more time and complete the works instead of getting tensioned. I plan generally early so that there will not be any last minute rush. But sometimes we may have to rush at the last minute. But I will try to be more attentive those times.
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    By the way who gets the tension ? One who does not have the right criteria or the right way to get out of the problem or the challenges. If the problems get addressed as soon as they appear , there cannot be tensions at all. Only when the things get stuck up, when we are held up mid way the the time is running out. In that situation we loose the patience and also feel like lost the life. What i do that when the impending task seems to be important and long process, I wont attend to lesser importance work and thus keep the mind focused on the job in hand so that it is finished without tensions.
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    Tension is never positive. But some positive pressure is a thrusting force or a sort of motivation. It is just like the difference between colourful flower pot fireworks and the high sounding exploding cracker. Controlled pressure,as that of flower pot, is a good sight. Uncontrolled tension will lead to explosion which can damage and frighten.

    So let us no be in the wrong assumption that tension will increase attention and focus. There is a threshold for everything. Too much of anything is not advisable. Uncontrolled tension will only cause damage.Just like alcohol, initially there is a feeling of elation and efficiency. But when the limit exceeds, it will lead to negative effects only.

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    Tension has always been a disturbance to me. I might not be able to concentrate, or I might be lost in thoughts. Sometimes different possibilities will pass through my mind and I might not be listening to the one talking to me. I can't work with tensions and worries as I am a very emotional person.

    If I am at office, I will have to work irrespective of my tensions but the quality of my work differs. When I am happy that will be seen in my outputs too. Similarly when I am worried I might commit errors. However I do not have the habit of taking my work tensions home. Once I leave the office door, I forget my work and will think about it only the next day morning.

    When it comes to personal tensions, it follows me wherever I go. That makes me disturbed. I might get angry also easily when I am tensed. But never has tension gained any sort of attention to me. I think for most of the people tension is an uninvited guest and hence is a pain.

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    Interesting thread, Tension attracts unwanted attention for you and everyone around you. Lot of people feel, say or see 'tension' when things don't go the way they should or when people get agitated as they have been let down or work doesn't go well, shortage of time and money, deadlines to meet or too many commitments. All these create situations wherein the atmosphere feels tensed up and people take notice of it. Some have a noticeable change in behavior, some raise their voices, some get angry. This is not necessary,it is difficult to work under such circumstances and tempers flare up and in the stressed environment we can end up making more mistakes than we can afford to do. When at home or at professional places, meetings etc, we should strive to keep things under control, more so if others are tensed up. No point in all of us shouting and getting tensed up, then it comes counterproductive. Having the drive to complete work within deadlines needs motivation and prioritization and NOT tension.

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