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    Lack of sincerity in present day doctors

    In many serials/cinemas we have seen the scenes with dialogue,'doctor, we believe you totally. Please save our child(etc.,),you are the God to us.' Why, we ourselves uttered the same words to doctors many times. We many of strongly believing the doctors, though we do not know them earlier but believing the profession. But many doctors do not take up the responsibility atleast to some extent. Recently in New Delhi a doctor carelessly observed and declared a baby child as dead. While the father carrying the child with tears felt move and on taking to another hospital found the baby was alive. Stern action has been taken etc., are different story but the onus on doctor profession, sorrow in the parents' side is unexplainable.
    Professionals like doctor, lawyer and teacher are barrenly believed by clients/parents and they should honor their profession with sincere work.
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    I would not comment on the charges asked by the hospital in this case but I believe that mistakes happen in every profession and the medical profession is no exception to it. One learns from their mistakes and it is possible that doctors can misdiagnose someone.

    However, such mistakes are acceptable only when the doctors have followed the medical guidelines properly and hence the mistake was not due to carelessness. Since the services of doctors have been terminated we can believe that the doctors did a mistake but the hospital has clarified that the termination should not be taken as an admittance of any procedural fault rather a quality issue with doctors. Whether the hospital or doctors are hiding something is a different issue but generalizing the whole profession due to the mistakes of a few is wrong.

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    In olden days a teacher and a doctor are used to be respected by many people. The teacher is the person who taught us the knowledge and showing a way to us to live. At the same time, a doctor is more or less equal to God as he is giving us health and making us live happily. Those days the people used to take these professions as a service to the society and not as a means of earning money. But these days the concept has been completely changed. Every job is a money making instrument only. As the corporate hospitals emerged the medical profession has become a business. So the faith on the doctor is also diminishing. In corporate hospitals, the doctors will get huge salaries but they will be given targets. So all doctors will always think of fulfilling the targets. But we are talking about the majority of the doctors only. But there may be some exemptions for this also. There are some good doctors also we will treat their profession as a means to serve the public.
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    Yes, it is a mistake and the doctors have been sacked with enquiries underway. We will know better in a few days time.The critical question is have the protocols of newborn assessment, guidelines for declaring death in a newborn etc followed. If yes, then it would be a rare event (There are very rare cases of suspended animation wherein the functions are suspended to a standstill state only to bounce back. This is just one example). If no then the doctors are guilty and would face disciplinary action at the state medical council. Such mistakes sadly happen in many professions and healthcare sector is not spared to. Because it deals with life and the battles to save lives, the margin of error is very small in medical practice.It's human to err and it can't be changed, we can only add another layer of safety by having more than one expert involved in such situations.


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    From one incident of error we cannot jump into a conclusion generalising all doctors. Will we term all engineers as corrupt and inefficient just because one bridge collapse? Will we term all bankers as fraudsters just because in one fraud case a banker was involved?
    However the why we expect a near perfection in a doctor is because the errors can prove costly and irreversible . Though the number of such mistakes in relation to the number of patients treated successfully is very minimum, we cannot rest on that.
    As the previous posts mention, there should be an inquiry to find whether all protocols were followed or not. Then suitable remedial measures may be put in place for avoiding such mistakes in future.

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    Not all but some doctors do lack sincerity to their profession. Why just blaming doctors, in all professions we can find such people. But doctors need to have sincerity as they are dealing with the life of a person. Once something happened he can't give it back.

    There was a girl who studied with me, she used to fail for subjects and had very less marks. Some how after 12th grade she took science stream. There also she couldn't perform well. Finally I heard she joined for BDS. She was from a very rich family, so money played the role here. When people like her come out as doctors, what sincerity can we expect from them?

    For them everything was easy in life and had never faced struggles. Hence they won't understand the feelings of the common man. If a person actually liked the profession and worked hard to be a doctor, he will definitely have sincerity too. Those who take the profession as a status symbol won't do justice to the job.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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