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    Should national anthem be played in cinema halls?

    In my opinion, national anthem could be played in cinema halls.I see no harm in this rather I think it gives a sense of patriotism in us.Right from our school life, we have been taught to rise and stand still and pay respect to our national anthem but it seems like growing up takes that away from people.We stand in lines to buy the ticket for long times then I don't think it is too hard to stand up for few minutes to give reverence to our nation.I believe standing for just 2 minutes not only gives us a sense of patriotism but also makes us feel proud to be an Indian.We all are diverged by caste and religion and by singing national anthem integrates us.But yes I think it is completely people's choice to stand up or not because patriotism is a feeling which comes from within us and not by forcing someone.
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    It is true. I agree with the author. We travel long distances and stand in the queue to purchase a ticket and see a movie. In the intermission time, we will stand near the Popcorn shop to get popcorn. Then what is the problem in standing for two minutes to respect the National Anthem? Whether it is in a cinema hall or in a school what is the difference. As a responsible citizen of this country, it is the duty of the individual to respect the National Anthem. There should not be any second opinion on this matter. Definitely, National Anthem gives a feeling of Unity in diversity. We should feel proud for that.
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    I could partially agree with your thought. I understand that it is completely one's own thought if they want to stand during the national anthem or not and it truly comes from the heart.
    But what was the reason that we did it in our childhood? Was it just out of fear of your teachers? I assume not. Then also things came from the heart right and we stood to hear the national anthem. It is not only about the feeling of patriotism it gives, but it also makes us realize how we are bound together as "Bhartiya". It also makes us realize that we respect our culture by heart. It gives a feeling of humanity and brotherhood.

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    Many people litter on the streets, yet the same people traveling abroad are very careful because of fines and embarrassment if caught littering in public.Similarly, In India, many things should be forced upon. It is sad if people feel they shouldn't be forced upon to stand up for our National Anthem. Every day we waste time while travelling, at the office, browsing channels, even while on a day out, we stand in the queue to get served at malls and restaurants. Within the cinema hall, we watch so many trailers and ads waiting for the movie to start. Can't we stand for two minutes in honor of our nation? I've seen retired Army veterans who are disabled, standing with support at public functions or independence days. I think, let people realize that it would be mandatory unless the person physically or medically unfit to stand.

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    We all think that the National Anthom is meant for only Government and Government related people. Sanskrit meant for only brahmins.
    I recently went for film at Madurai, in the cinema hall before the film start (I went to cinema after a break of three years).I saw everybody stood from their seat and stand till the Anthom is over.
    In those days it was in practice of playing National Anthom in cinema halls at the end of film and many people honoured, I have seen.
    It is our duty to honour the National Anthom and it should be even played in all offices

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    I personally feel that it is not necessary to play the National Anthem in cinema halls. Patriotism is inbuilt. Thre is no necessity to develop it. The National Anthem may be played on special occasions and in special circumstances like wartime. Playing of the National Anthem in cinema halls may cause it to be disrespected unknowingly by some persons.
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