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    How often do you change your ATM or credit card PIN?

    Do you have the habit of changing your ATM or credit card PIN numbers often? Some do and some find it as a hectic job as remembering different PIN/passwords is difficult. But that laziness of us might put us in trouble.

    The crime rates are increasing so is the technological developments. Thiefs and criminals will definitely find new ways to crack the PIN every now and then. The only way we can fight it is by changing the PIN number frequently.

    Also stop noting it down on your mobile phone. It is better you go for remembarable digits. But it should not be too easy too. Never choose your birth year as, if someone has that information, they can easily crack your PIN.

    There is no point weeping after something bad happens. So act today to save your money and to protect your account.
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    Although I am being advised to change the ATM PIN regularly, I change it once in a year. In the current year I changed these in January. I will change the PINs next January.
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    I also never gave a thought to this point. Thanks Chitra for such a useful thread. I will also start changing my ATM pin in every six months probably.
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    I never changed my Credit and Debit card PIN or any other passwords. It remains as original forever. I never faced any problem with my PIN. I have a secret diary. All my PIN and Pass word details have been coded and recorded.

    For e.g. If my PIN is 1234, it would appear as ABCD.

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    Some people change it very often. I change it regularly once in 6 months or around that time.Keeping memorable date or numbers is easy. We don't write it down but both of us know the numbers and we check once i a while before we go out for shopping. Many times it is difficult to remember the number or tell it out but when we reach the ATM machine, the fingers move quickly almost subconsciously. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    I never changed the ATM pin. I rarely go to ATM. Even I will not go to ATM once in a Month. My sons will get the cash for me. I will do majority online transfers only. Even passwords also I will not change. Sometimes I will forget the passwords, then we will change the password through forgot password link. But I will not keep anywhere this information in writing also. Now after seeing this thread, I am thinking whether it is better to change the PIN number once in a while. I will decide on some more thinking. Another Idea from Sun is also interesting. We can have a code and we can store this information in that code.
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    Well I have never changed my pass word so far and maintaining the old one. As long as you are alert and cancel the transaction details as soon as you come out of the ATM centres , nothing to worry.
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