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    Are these tests actually required?

    Anyone who has been to a private hospital might have experienced the situation wherein he will be asked to take a number of tests. Are these tests actually required? Most of the times results comes with no issues but we will end up paying a huge amount as bill.

    I feel it is just a way for such hospitals to make money and increase their profits. But at times these tests can turn out to be helpful as some disease can be diagnosed which we actually didn't know. Also knowing it at an early stage helps in complete cure.

    But on the whole asking patients to take numerous tests is not a good option. Some tests involves radiation and is not good for the patient. If you have an insurance card then the number of tests and the medicines prescribed will be more. Taking unnecessary medicines will end up in other diseases.

    It is high time private hospitals stop these techniques of profit making. Making money by unnecessarily troubling a sick person, isn't it too much? Have you ever come across such incidents?
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    Let me start by saying that there are good and humane doctors and hospital authorities in private hospitals also who are considerate in deserving cases, but still give good and proper treatment.
    But there are different dimensions to this matter
    1. Large investment is needed to start and maintain a private hospital even with moderate reasonable facilities. Promoters of Private hospitals cannot be blamed if they expect reasonable return for their investment.. So they aim some profit and surplus for future expansion.. It does not mean that the profit is made by illegal and unethical ways. Many private hospitals bill patients as per their evaluation of the patient's financial capacity.
    2. Many times the cost and treatments depend on the demand and expectations of the patient. Certain patients or relatives want some show and this they achieve by showing the numerous tests and medicines prescribed. Such patients does not get satisfied if te doctor says no issues, just take this medicine for a couple of days. Such patients consider the doctor as knowing nothing and may not visit the hospital again and give a bad publicity also. Hence the doctors are compelled to prescribe avoidable and unwanted tests, and costly medicines.
    3. There are essential circumstances. Sometimes the hospitals get instructions and advisory that during that season every case of fever has to be tested for say dengue, chikungunia, malaria etc to eliminate the possibilities and reduce fatalities. So patients may think that the hospital is prescribing unnecessary tests.
    4. When the patient is a referred case from a clinic or by general physician, the first doctor would have given his doubts of a certain issue. So the second hospital may straight away go to those elimination or confirmation tests to prevent delay and complications in case the doubt is proved right at last.
    5. 5. Patients also should be aware that like trains, aeroplanes or hotels hospitals also have different tiers or classes. If one goes to costly class hospitals you are bound to be billed in their standard. They provide better facilities not only to the patient and treatment, but even to the escort attendant. There will be 24X7 doctor, pharmacy, canteen, vehicle, billing and payment etc. Naturally there will be some overages in every charge recovered. Sometimes the hospital itself may provide attendant facilities also so that the patient's relatives are not put to inconvenience.
    6. It is always better to visit first an established and trusted local doctor or clinic and only if he refers one should visit a private hospital. Even then also one should not boast about their financial capacity and tell openly what their affordability level is. There are good and humane doctors in private hospitals also who are considerate in deserving cases, but still give good and proper treatment.
    7. It is better to have a feedback on a hospital before on visits that private hospital.

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    Taking blood test is important what I feel. That is very helpful to diagnose any kind of disease. Any odd indications in our blood could help in curing or stopping the disease. But any other test which is not needed, should not be forced to the patient.
    I have seen such a situation, where the doctor asked my mother to take injections and that too included at least 10 injections to cure a disease. My mother suffered from asthma, and the doctor told that there is existing mixed infection already in her lungs area, which needs to be cured. And for this they said they will inject certain medicines directly into the blood. But my mother refused for it. We also did not force her for anything and took her back home with just some medicines.
    The next weekend when we visited another good hospital, the doctor just asked my mother to take few medicines and told she will be fine. This scenario made me think about the current situation of private hospitals where nothing is in place and no existing proper guidance. Any type of tests or injections sometimes create fear in many of the patients and making this thing a mode of making money is highly unbearable and needs to be discussed thoroughly.

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    Things are not as simple as they look. The main issues at hand are

    Whether we like it or not, healthcare is a business industry wherein for the investment made returns have to be shown.
    Slowly healthcare is being target driven to justify the investment in resources and infrastructure.
    Most people want to see specialists and specialists don't come cheap.
    Most people want a well laid out hospital, waiting rooms, centralized AC, aqua guard water, clean washrooms, cafes etc.
    In India, we do not understand the margin of error and the fact that investigations and treatments are so variable that outcome cannot be guaranteed.
    There is a sudden spurt in the cases of sudden deaths or critical illness in young apparently healthy people in their 30s (heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage. How do we identify such people?
    Despite many tests, it's difficult to pick up all illnesses. Most of us want to be certified that we are fit, don't have a disease and we can live happily.
    I have seen people undergoing tests, getting normal results and complaining that I was fine, the doctor just wasted money. I've also seen people who are diagnosed as diabetics or hypertensive saying, if my doctor had mentioned this last year, I would have got these tests done.
    It is extremely difficult to have an ideal plan for tests and treatment for everyone, yes they do have guidelines and we can have a second opinion if time permits

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    Gone are the days when the doctors were used to recognise and diagnose the diseases by reading the nerves and heart beat. Now the doctors are heavily depending on laboratory results of each and every test to which the patient is very averse as it is the expensive way of getting to know the disease. And to the surprise of doctors, the lab tests reveal nothing as every thing is normal and perfect. Then he recommends another test lab and this continues. For the patient he is at loss. He cannot shift to other hospitals as he has already spent huge money and thus cannot afford second opinion. This is the reality in health care Industry today. Not a single hospital gives the medicine sincerely to cure the disease. Their main aim is to admit the patient by telling the situation is danger and any thing can happen to life, the hospitals usually succeed in getting new customer with advance payments immediately.
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    This thread reminded me of one incident I witnessed some 4 years ago. I was in a private hospital for my regular checkup (I was pregnant) and was waiting for my number in the waiting area.
    There I saw some people crying and rushing towards operation theater but I did not bother much as it was a hospital so such cases are expected.
    When my number came and I was with my doctor, she told me the story and it was as below:-
    "A lady was already mother of 3 daughters and this was her 4th pregnancy. All her 3 deliveries were normal without any complications. When she completed 3 and half months, the doctor asked her for sonography to check the proper growth but she did not find it useful to spend money as she was confident that this will also be fine as all her previous pregnancies.
    Then, even after 7 months, no moments were felt inside the womb, she came to the doctor and when the sonography was done, the doctor found that the baby's head was not developed.
    Then she was bound to go for an abortion.
    Doctors are not always wrong. Nowadays, the complications have increased in multiple folds than old days and we cannot judge anything without proper testing.
    If the doctor does not ask for the test and treats it as per the symptoms then what if the patient does not get cured? He or she will blame doctor only.


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    A good doctor can diagnose and recognise the disease by seeing the nerve system, heartbeat, and BP. But these days even good doctor don't want to take the risk as he will be blamed if something goes wrong afterwards. Earlier days people were going to the doctor with the full faith and whatever he says were implemented and followed. But these days the patients are going through the internet and they themselves are coming to an opinion about the ailment. This is where the actual problem is coming. If a doctor after hearing your problems prescribe a medicine we will start feeling that doctor has not recommended any tests and we will doubt his calibre in finding the actual problem. To satisfy such people and to see guard them for any unexpected problems afterward, they prescribe tests. My elder son in 2010 struggled for 2 to 3 months with indigestion problem. We have seen many doctors and many tests were done but the problem could not be identified. Finally, we have taken him to a very famous gastroenterologist. He has seen my son and just pressed the stomach at 3 or 4 places. He has not referred any teat reports I have carried with me or prescribed any new tests. He has given only one medicine and told us that medicine is to be used for 9 days. He explained to us that the boy will start recovering from 4th day and by 9th day he will be normal. We used that medicine and exactly on the 9th day, my son has become normal. That speaks the expertise and experience of the doctor.
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    It is an earning technique by the hospitals and the doctors. They help the labs to earn and get some share from their earning. The most affected are the poor who will have to pay through their nose. Once I took my daughter to an cardiologist for cough problem. The doctor suggested X-ray. I got it done. When I went with her X-ray to him, the doctor never bothered to have a good look at the X-ray film, but prescribed the medicine. This is an illegal way of earning by the doctors.
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