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    Work Pressure can help reduce our illness

    It actually came as a sudden thought to me. I was unwell for last two days, cough, cold and then fever. It was tough to work even today. But since I had an important project to complete, I could not take leave. It is like when you are individually responsible for your work, you take more care of things.

    In the morning, it was tough to even open up the laptop and sit, but somehow I managed to do it. The typing speed was also slow, not like the normal day. Slowly and steadily as I was working on various parts of my task, the illness seemed to fade away, or I can say I found it reduced a lot.

    After some point of time, I was so occupied with things and the typing speed also improved, I was forgetting the illness that time. I think it could also be the thing that when we are occupied with something, our mind automatically diverts from pain or suffering. We feel much better and quite relaxed.
    Also, since I had the pressure that I have to get this task done by today itself, being very urgent and critical. It helped a lot to reduce my illness.
    This is a healthy lesson for us if we are not well and getting sick, we should try out ways to divert yourself from the illness, that not only reduces our suffering but also helps to recover at a faster pace. Just like the criticality of work helped me reduce my illness.
    Don't you think so?
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    It is only natural that if we are engaged in some work we forget about everything else. Especially body related complaints will not stop us doing an important job. If there is no so much urgency for the completion of the work we opt to take rest and attend to our body aches. It indicates that it is the mind that decide what is to be done. If the mind accept it is an urgent work (practical experiences will urge the mind to take such a decision) our body will adjust to that and complete it successfully. Otherwise it will give only a negative guidance.
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    I can say that it is deceptive. Either the feeling of illness is deceptive or the feeling of wellness is deceptive.

    Any illness is cured by the body's mechanisms. Taking rest is to enable the body to work on priority to cure the illness. If we tax the body with thrusting more load on the body or affected part, then the body has to exert more draw its reserve energies and sources and overwork. That will definitely affect the body and it may become more vulnerable give away at some other time.
    So even for a small common cold, giving a reasonable rest for the body is needed.
    But when the situation is unavoidable we may have to carry by taking medicines for the symptom to feel relative comfort. However that may be resorted to very short period and we should get medical attention and give body its pampering and care during weakness.

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    When you are engaging yourself in some activity, your concentration on your body aches will not be there but it will be in the work you are carrying out. In such case, you feel that the problems have comedown. But after completing the work and start taking rest you feel that still, you have some problem. The illness will get cured by the self-healing process. Those times if you give rest to the body it will work on the system and see that you will be normal. But when you go to work and perform the duties sometimes, the effect can be felt when you go for rest in the evening. In my opinion, the process of healing will more time if you work and keep your body under stress.
    As an employee, we may have to attend some urgent works and in that condition, we attend our works even though we are not well. But don't make an inference that going to work will reduce the diseases. We should be more careful those times and we may have to take the required medication also.

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    Focusing on getting something important completed should not be regarded as a cause of the reduction of illness. It is just that you simply have to get the task completed and feel good that it is done & that just makes you feel a bit better.

    Pressure can, on the contrary, create more stress and aggravate the illness. Hence, instead of using the pressure as a sort of placebo, one must be realistic and not always use it as an excuse to complete something. There is always the possibility that the sky won't exactly fall if the task is not completed at that point of time, that it is OK to delay dealing with it. If possible, one could also consider delegating the work to somebody capable.

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    Work pressure often 'helps' us to postpone seeking attention for our illness. When we are down with a bad cough or a viral fever, we feel like curling in the bed but the deadlines at work and the unfinished jobs make us feel concerned. Many a times we don't feel like taking off for simple issues and force ourselves to work. Once at work,given the things running in our minds, we tend to forget our own fever or headache and push on working. With all our attention focused on our work, we don't have spare time or spare thought about our illness and we complete the work. If it's a simple fever or a viral cold, it would pass off soon. On the other hand, if it's a illness that needs attention, we would be unable to report for work the next day. Interesting, we would know other people at work who make a great effort to show that they are ill and take off at the earliest chance dumping the rest of work on others. Yes, a simple illness takes the back seat behind work in conscientious people like you and many others. But once the work is done or we are worsening further, we should take care of ourselves too as our health is also important. Medical attention sooner helps one to get better faster.

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    One more point I would like to make is that if you have something contagious, such as a viral fever which can spread very easily, one should consider the other people around you. You should not go to the office at all and, when at home, stay put in one place. The worst is to have conjunctivitis and go off somewhere, not even bothering to wear the requisite dark glasses if at all it is really imperative to step out of the home. In the name of work pressure, don't be inconsiderate to others.
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    If there is a pending work and that should be done by us only, then there is no other way but to complete the same even not considering you are down with illness. Because pending work bothers us more than the so called illness. Once the work pressure is over , then we can relax and even go for extra leave to take complete rest. For those who are regular to the job with no leave, even little pending of work bothers the office people and thus we are compelled to get out of the bed and complete the pending work. If that is done even the colleagues and office boss shall oblige for next day leave.
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    Vandana Mam : I was working from home. And we always have the habit of delegating tasks to each other. It was a situation when a task is critical and you dont have time to explain it to the fellow colleague and has to be completed in specific timelines. They cannot be missed in any case.
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    I do not know whether work pressure will reduce our illness but it will definitely help us in forgetting about the illness. We are too busy that we do not have time to think about the illness, hence it slowly goes off the mind.

    When we are idle and is alone we keep on thinking about the illness, pain etc. It increases its intensity. Sometimes when I get a pain or illness I talk to my friends or relatives. I will be indulged in the conversation that I completely forgets about the pain for sometime.

    Sometimes due to illness I won't be able to concentrate on my work and will have to leave early from there. Especially when I have a bad head ache or fever. I will be shivering or would want to sleep for a while. In those cases I can't concentrate at all. I have felt I can rid of my personal worries or tensions when busy at work.

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