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    Start Exploring - See how beautiful our country is !!

    It is very useful and also good to explore. Be it exploring people, place or things. When we start exploring, we start gathering some facts and figures about people, techniques or even various places. We start collecting more deep thoughts on various issues also that we notice.
    Even if we are looking for some useful piece of information, once we start typing and finding it out, we could even find the related unknown and unheard facts about that piece.
    The more we explore, the more we learn. The more we observe something, the more we try to relate it to something. The more we dig our thoughts for any specific approach, the more we find new pictures of it, the more we can find the stories on it. Reading those stories can also help us guide throughout our life. We view our country as a sacred place. We are the people who treat rivers as the Holy thing. We pray to river Ganga, or the Yamuna, or the Brahmaputra. We pray the Sun and Moon as visible Gods.

    If we explore more of it, we can find their stories, how they are interlinked, what makes them sacred. We are the people who believe in the different form of God and offer them the prayers wholeheartedly.

    Our culture and heritage, the people who created history, they give us useful messages for life. If we start exploring and finding how every little thing is maintained and treasured in our own country, there is no place beautiful than our India.
    We live on a planet which is round in shape. Everything we think and does comes back to us in a similar manner. Let us think more, explore more and learn more. If you explore more, you become wiser.
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    For knowing more about our country and its rich culture and tradition, we must start moving and visiting places of importance and get to know every details of the rituals and festivals being observed in each region. There are some festivals which are regional centrist and that would be very interesting. For example Medaram Jatara is being celebrated within few days from now in Telangana and the government has made it a state festival and the rituals are held in grand way to showcase to the world as to how a regional festivities can be conducted in such a grand manner. In fact in India every town has a grand past and we are not aware of it. Just explore as to how each and every town or the city got their present name and that would give you enough reason to dig the past history and know the reality of those great cities.
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    India is a country of Unity in diversity. We can learn many things by going through the past history of this country. When we go and see some places we really feel sorry and also feel that how people are doing the destructive act on such a nice piece of works. Hampi is a visual example for that. Broken temples and broken buildings. Even these buildings and idols will give us a lot of happiness and feel sorry for the acts of those people. Indian culture is the oldest culture and the whole world is learning from our Vedas and other famous works. But unfortunately, we never care for that. Now many foreign countries are experimenting and proving what was written in our books to be correct. As you explore more and more you will get more inputs and you will get enriched with new points. Slowly the present day youth are getting inclined towards these things and trying to change themselves which is a welcome feature for the country.
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    I would say start exploring the world. Only then we will realize how beautiful our earth is. Yes, like the author said first explore our country and then move on to others. There are many beautiful places in our country which we fail to visit. When it comes to snow, people immediately talk about European countries but we too have snow in India like in Manali. In Malayalam we say 'muttathe mullaku manamilla'. That truly applies here.

    When we meet people of different cultures and traditions, we learn a lot from them. We will be more open up. Our thoughts will also change accordingly and will have a much broader mind. We will learn to accept others and also will learn from their hospitality. Also, site seeing and a change of atmosphere is good for feeling refreshed. It will help to increase our productivity. Knowing the cultural heritage of a places increases our understanding and knowledge too. In short exploring is just amazing.

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    Our country is so vast that it would take more than a lifetime to see the beautiful, natural wonders, architectural marvels, experience the unique cultures and traditions. Even if one wants to focus on wildlife, historical places, religious places, still it would be a mammoth effort. Exploring the regions beyond the city or town of our birth and stay gives us an opportunity to explore various cultures, learn new things, enjoy the beauty and understand others better. It gives a sense of satisfaction that we have achieved something by taking a break from the monotonous life to recharge ourselves. When we travel far and wide, we realize how vast and rich is our country, there plenty for everyone, the majestic Himalayas, mountains and forests for trekking, the famous temples of South India that are gems of architecture that is irreproducible in the current world. the unique rituals and festivals celebrated by many original natives of particular places, everything would be an unforgetful experience.

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