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    MP first state to push for a death penalty for rape of girls up to 12 years old.

    We had a GD on atrocities, many focused on sexual assault on women and children. Now, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, CM Madhya Pradesh allayed fears of misuse and the bill was passed unanimously and sent to the President to make it a law. If passed, any preparator of raping a girl 12 years and below may be awarded death penalty or life imprisonment. Even punishments for stalking and other abuses against women have been made stringent.

    Many members felt we should have stringent measures against the crime rather than wanting the victim to speak out. Should such laws be passed in other states, to at least make these in-humans think twice before venturing to commit such crimes?
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    Although many people are supporting this bill, I am skeptical. I feel that this would not change the ground realities. We must try to find an efficient way of court proceedings in rape cases, so that the culprit can't go scot-free using the loopholes and the victims are not further humiliated in courts. Increasing the quantum of punishment would not minimize the crime, I am afraid.

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    Awarding death penalty is not going to solve the problem. Misuse of this law may cause the death of an innocent person. The solution is to take steps to prevent such crimes which are not so easy. The involvement of the public is more important as such crimes cannot be prevented by mere laws.
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    This won't help. Anyone who attempts to rape should be handed over to the public to award the required punishment as felt by the public. He should not be hanged or killed , but should be tortured in such a way that no one seeing the accused will dream of raping anyone in future. Take away his one hand or one leg or one eye or one ear, and let him live to tell the people about the after effect of the rape. He should be a role model.
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    618086@ Partha, Agreed we need Speedy and stringent measures to ensure quick judgements. But these criminals pay for a good lawyer and get out of the case by prolonging or for lack of evidence.
    Atleast this would indicate that the government is serious.
    618089 @KVRR- public involvement is important, this takes a long time because the level of civic awareness and morals are widely variable in India. Some major deterrent is needed for these perpetrators.
    618096@SuN. Stoning of the accused is done in some countries but in India we cannot take law into our hands however tempting it becomes.

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    Avoiding death penalty may bring in some type of fear for the culprits. I don't think they will dare to die. Anyhow, I feel it is a step forward in efforts to contain these types of crimes. It is always the lawyers who use their abilities in tongue-twisting and try to help the criminals. If they also think from the victim's side, no one will be ready to take up the case. That situation should come in our country and the culprits should feel that no lawyer will come to their rescue in these atrocities cases. But unfortunately the educated lawyers for their money earnings they are taking up the cases and trying to humiliate the victims. Sometimes Victims feel that they should not have complained when they hear the questions of these tongue twisters. I know some lawyers who will not entertain this type of cases at all. All lawyers should think on these grounds so that the people will feel helpless and try to be away from this type of actions at least.
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    According to me, this will not solve the problem.
    Atrocities on women and children will be reduced only when women start occupying power and commanding positions in the society. That is not happening. All political parties should be ready to give away 50% reservation for women in seat sharing. This way only power will be shared. This will take time.
    I doubt, male ego will allow this.

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