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    Gujarat Poll Campaign : No “Vikas”, Only Polarisation

    As the Gujarat Election has become a prestige point for the PM of the country, the poll campaigning is heating up. The PM has himself taken charge of the campaign and many ministers are also helping him. The BJP, a rightist party, has been ruling the state for last twenty two years and advertising "Gujarat Model" of "Vikas". The process started with controversies over the delay in poll announcement by the EC and declaration of so many bounties to the state.

    The congress, a secular party, is also trying hard to regain power in this state which has been a religiously polarised state since state wide riots in 2002. They are trying their luck with caste equations and soft Hindutva. The party vice president has been visiting temples as far as possible.
    As the poll dates are approaching, both the national parties have been talking on religious lines rather than mentioning any "vikas plans" for the state.

    We notice from the data available that the state is lagging in social parameters like health, education and nutrition. Unemployment has been a grave issue for a long. No party has made these issues as the issues of campaigning. Ironically, the PM, an advocate of " Vikas", is concentrating on harsh remarks on the Congress party, Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and talking on religious lines. Some remarks are not commensurate with his constitutional position.

    The politics of polarisation is a dangerous trend for the country. Please opine.
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    The observations are true. One thing I can say is that Modiji is sticking to his promise of Gujrat model. The Gujarat State is always strong on economic parameters but not on social parameters. That is what he is doing to the country. The malnutrition among the children of Gujarat is always high. The budget for healthcare and education are not sufficient. As the talk of Gujarat model failed, the religion is brought into the picture. Vikas is not the subject anymore. The BJP is striving hard to gain on Hindutva. The Congress is also trying to play the same card. The comments made by the Prime Minister on his opponents are not worthy of the post he is holding. The BJP party may win or lose the election but they are scared. They are made to run from the pillar to post. The polarisation is a grave danger to the country. The people should realise it as early as possible and reject the elements which encourage the polarisation.
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    Since 1952 till 2014, the policy was very simple. Divide Hindus on the basis of caste and unite the followers of other religions. The tide has now been turned. So, the elitist people are very scared! Gujarat model is bad and West Bengal or Karnataka model (or no model) is good!

    Day-dreaming is good!

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    This campaign is being intensely scrutinized and commented by many members of the media and the public. It is natural because a lot is at stake for the two bigwigs and the other new leader. Each has to prove his worth and might. One has promised much but fell short of delivering the promises. The other attacked the opponent for saffornisation but slowly visiting temple. The new leader has formed an alliance after assurance that the quota system will be looked into. As the run to the election heats up, BJP doesn't want to be complacent here in Gujarat. They have to win to keep their hopes alive and their image intact. Hardik Patel has stated that he was offered 5 crores for not attending the Surat rally where his sources claim that he had a crowd of around 13 lakh people. Every election has clear guidelines directing candidates Not to canvass for caste based votes (Representation of people Act), but in this election, I feel, it would be a major decisive factor to whether BJP wins by a majority or not.

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    Initially, when the campaign started in Gujarat there was a comment from Congress that PM is not participating in this election campaign. Now the comment in the same newspaper is Modi is taking the full responsibility. Either way, it is a criticism only. During the election in India, it is a common practice to try to criticize the other parties and its leaders. The same is going on here. As opined by Partha it is always common in any elections in India to divide Hindus basing on their caste and make all other religions unite on some or other pretext. We all say that one party is completely religion based but now all parties started going to temples and places of worship. As opined by Natarajan there is a clear guideline that no canvass should be conducted on the basis of caste. But in Gujarat election everyone talking about the same only. I feel that Gujarat voters are fairly intelligent and they know whom to favour and whom not. Letus wait and see the outcome.
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    Dr. Rao: You have analysed the problem correctly. The problem is that the vocal, 'ultra-educated' people think that they know everything and common voters should follow them without any question.
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    Gujarat is considered as one of the most industrialized states of India.
    Are Health, Nutrition, and Education parameters of the state lagging? What statistics saying?
    Is unemployment a serious problem there?
    Prime Minister Modi saying those who do not want Bullet train can use Bullock Cart! That means he is hell bound on High-speed rail system. But, when the projects are taking off is a question now.
    I feel, as of now, as an independent observer, there is advantage for BJP in Gujarat because Congress following the same poll strategy of the BJP.
    What you say?

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    Till all these years there was only one point to campaign against BJP or its earlier avatar. But now as they are in power at centre, there are many things in addition to the stereotype one. As the earlier anti-BJP campaign point got overused and worn out genuine people got bored and found the hypocrisy of other parties. They then voted BJP to power.

    So this time the anti-BJP parties have some real points to campaign against BJP. If they use these points properly and desist from accusing BJP with the stale false bogey then BJP will find it difficult to answer satisfactorily. As ruling party at the centre and state, BJP has the handicap of anti-incumbency. It is not good for them to bring religion or caste as campaign matter in any way. That may rebound on them.

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