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    Is fate different from destiny?

    When something happens in our life, we all use the words 'fate' and 'destiny' interchangeably. We never desire or wish for certain things to happen in life. But fortunately or unfortunately due to some external or internal forces, it may occur. To a certain extent, we can try to prevent or fight certain situations but we cannot completely control what the external world does to us.

    While we converse casually, fate and destiny are almost used in the same context. Both the words refer to a man's fortune and future. Sometimes it is reflected to be a plan of divine's actions. Is fate different from destiny? If yes, how fate is different from destiny? Is our life predetermined towards a specific destiny or fate?

    Share your views and belief in fate and destiny.
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    We had a discussion earlier on What is the real meaning of Destiny?. I think the usage of the two words fate and destiny would depend very much on the context. We are more likely to refer to something as fate when, say, it is to do with poor health. For example, we would say, "He is fated to die" when we know the person has an incurable disease. We would not refer to this as being his destiny.

    I think we believe in fate as something concrete and definite, something as that which will happen, whereas we look upon destiny as something which is unfathomable & hidden, not really known. Does that make sense?

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    A very amusing question. Fate is a Greek word. Actually, Fates are the goddesses controlling human lives.
    Destiny on the other hand is a Latin word which meant "to make firm".
    These two words are slightly different.
    I would say, destination is the end. Fate, is the process or way in which we achieve the Destiny.

    For an example: Your fate was that you would end up in New Delhi. But your destination can be changed by changing the routes.

    If you try hard enough in life, you can reshape your destiny. Yet, you cannot escape what the fate decrees.

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    I read somewhere while going through some astrology sites regarding this subject. The definitions are given by them I am reproducing here.
    Fate '" the preordained course of your life that will occur because of or in spite of your actions.
    Destiny '" a set of predetermined events within your life that you take an active course in shaping.
    But in general language, we use these two words as synonyms. Fate is something predetermined happening whether we work for that or not. Destiny is also something g predetermined only but will happen with our involvement. A death is a fate but accidental death is destiny. Death is natural and will happen whether you try it or not. But an accidental death will not happen without your involvement in that action. This is what I understood from that reading.
    I don't know whether what I have given the example will be accepted or not.Another example is becoming rich by winning a lottery is destiny and becoming rich by our own hard work or donation from somebody may be fate.

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    For me fate is the pre planned activity which is going to occur to us without our knowledge and intimation. Where as destiny is some thing which are already decided and the present situation automatically takes to the logic end. For example your fate has dragged to a under employment job and yet you have accepted the position which is the destiny. And suppose you are going to a hotel and ask for particular dish which is not available and yet decide to take some thing else and that is called fate. And before starting eating and some one comes and starts sharing that food is called the destiny for you.
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    Many of us interchange and use fate and destiny. To me, fate has a 'negative connotation'. For instance, it was his fate that he had to die in an accident. Destiny has a noble or a 'positive connotation'. For instance, your son is destined to become a great man.Fate is something that we cannot control or have a say in, fate strikes a cruel blow often suddenly. Destiny is something big or a major achievement that is awaiting someone and he or she has to initiate it in the right direction. We cannot change fate but we can modify our destiny with commitment and hard work taking the right chances with the right risks. Imagine running a marathon, if someone collapses and breaks his leg, its fate; if someone falls, gets up and believes in himself, gives everything he has and he wins the marathon, then its destiny.

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    Yes, fate and destiny are different
    Destiny: We have a circle of potential. You cannot go beyond that circle. The boundary may be vaster than you realize therefore you can achieve more than you may think. But you cannot go beyond your destiny.

    Fate: Fate is what awaits you and stems from the decisions you make now. If you are set in your ways and outlook so it is your fate. You can change your fate.

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