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    Why some people have the habit of staring at us even though we have not met them nor aware ?

    When you are moving in a public place where there are much rush and many people are standing or talking with one another, invariably they watch others in a staring manner as if they have seen them or met them in the past and want to talk now. The staring is so continuous and they wont even take off their eyes without a wink, that force us to smile or wish them forcefully. We think that we have avoided them previously and now they are advancing to talk to us. Have you encountered such situation and how did you tackle it.
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    It is better to talk to the person who is staring at us when we stand a place. Probably they may be thinking that they have seen us some ware and they may be trying to remember where they have seen us. In that process, they stare at us and try to find the similarities with their known people. If I find anybody like that I will smile and wish them. Then they will open up and come out with their doubts. Sometimes really it happens that we might have met him somewhere. One day I was in a mall with my family and we are busy in purchases. All of a sudden I noticed that somebody is staring at me. Just I have gone to him and wished him. He also wished me asked me. When I really revealed my identity, his joy was very high. He explained to me that he is the best friend of my father and staying in this city. He was in our native place sometime and as there are some common interests between him and my father they have become good friends. But slowly they went out of contact as he was transferred. They again came into contact with this incident.
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    It must be because he might have seen you or person looks like you somewhere and could not catch in memory. Similar situation happened me also more than three times.
    Once in TNagar bus stand a senior person starred me on the road, I also noticed his starring. After a minute both of us recognised. He was big uncle to my sister in law who was in Jamshedpur and we met three years back, at the marriage of my brother. It was really happy to me on his remembering me.
    Second time in the city bus when I was moving to office, a man of age similar to me starred at me by standing three persons ahead. Slowly he approached me and asked by saying my name. On my affirming with confusion he told that he was devarajan my classmate during schooling at Madurai. It took more than 10 years.

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    Yes, there are some people who will keep on staring. May be because they have seen you before or know you before. Sometimes they might know someone like you. Other possibilities are they might like your personality, dress, style or look and they are just admiring it by staring at it. Either ways it is not harmful to you in anyways.

    Smiling at them is fine as at times we will have to smile at strangers. Also greeting that stranger will help them understand that you noticed them staring at you. We are not losing anything by lending a smile of ours or by greeting them. So be cool and let go.

    I have experienced similar situations in shopping malls or parks, I just smile at them. That's all.

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    People stare at strangers when they see some familiarity or resemblance of their friends or relatives. Out of curiosity also people stare at others and observe the details like the new fashion of dress, ornaments or style of speech etc. It is not taken as offence in our country.But the same is taken as an offending behaviour in some other countries. So people from such countries may feel it bad and offensive and develop revulsion.

    In our country, sometimes such staring is an unconscious signal to become familiar and enter into conversation during long journeys. In such cases the person stared at responds by a smile and the starer then starts courtesy questions like where are you going or where from you have come etc.

    It also comes as a natural alertness as a safety precaution measure. When we are new to a place, the locals immediately recognise that we do not belong to that place and then they stare at us to gauge and guess who we may be.

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    Some people have a habit of watching continuously. It could be that if we are wearing very good clothes. It could also be our way of talking.
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    Most often people end up staring at us because our faces, our mannerisms and the way we talk reminds them of something familiar to them. While their minds keep turning, their eyes keep staring or they have obvious eye contact until something clicks in their minds. We would resemble their relatives, they would have known us and youngsters or they would know our family members etc. It also could be a casual acquaintance we made sometime back or would have been a old classmate from many years back. What I feel is such things have a tendency to be mistaken and misused, so we should be careful about the environment and the person so that we are not misjudged. It has happened to me a few times, when we go to visit our relatives in our villages. Some elders whom I wouldn't have met would stare for sometimes are approach me saying that are you such and such person son? you look at lot like him. Then, I would mention my parents name they would very happy. Sometimes people keep staring in public places with ulterior motives, it's only the 6th sense of the woman or man that arouses the suspicion in such situations and make them very alert.

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