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    Vijay Mallaya was chronic defaulter in 2009 , not paid taxes from 2010, then why he was not jailed ?

    If you take the history of the so called Industrialist Vijay Mallaya , he has become the chronic defaulter in the year 2009 itself and failed to pay the taxes to government from 2010 itself. He was dodging the banks and the then UPA government for four years from 2010 to 2014 and than ran away to UK. Now the Congress has been asking Modi government to punish Mallaya and we know it is UPA which made him to fly away. People are not fools to believe Congress double talk. Modi government will bring him to book sooner or later.
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    India is a heaven for culprits. Under the shelter of political bigwigs, many people do many mischiefs and they will be enjoying their lives. So nothing astonishing in this. The law and police system will be friendly with these people. Whether they paid the tax or not important here but how much is his contribution to us is the question here. But a common man or a job holder who will be earning a little money with hard has to pay from his nose thirty % tax. Otherwise, he will be penalised. If a common man goes to the bank for a home loan they will ask him hundred and one questions and then securities etc. But they sanction crores of rupees to the people like this and they enjoy the life. This system in India has started long back and encouraged by many. Now to control it all of a sudden is very difficult. The sense of responsibility has to prevail on the people and behave like a disciplined citizen of the country.
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    He is a classic example of how tolerant we Indians are. We struggle to get a loan of a few lakhs to build or own our first home with our hard earned money, people do not have two square meals a day and yet we have the magnanimous attitude to give thousands of crores of rupees as a loan to this industrialist who has defaulted and literally allowed to fly off to England. I'm sure that he has a lavish lifestyle while his employees of the Kingfisher airlines are struggling to get their dues back. This shows the power of money and the influence that these people have on the government machinery. The sad part is that we've heard justice is blind, in this case, it is really doubly blind. we knew the troubles that the company was facing, yet nobody had the guts to question his behaviour and seize his assets, now we are trying to close the door after the horse has bolted out of the stable.

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