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    Mobile Phones-Requirement of the day?

    The Mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives.It has made our life much easier.With the advent of the mobile phone, we can communicate with our friends and loved ones by sitting just at one place whereas in the ancient times when there was no mobile phone people had to send letters for communication.It has become more of a necessity than a requirement.Mobile phones such as smartphones have made our life even more, easier as with help of this we can commutate from one place to another by clicking just one button without any hassle.Parents are also stressed free as they can connect with their wards at any time.But as it is said everything has its own pros and cons, mobile phones have its own pitfalls too.Too much reliance on an entity is dangerous as if we talk about smart phones not only they impact our eyesight but also reduces our creativity as whenever we have to find a solution to anything we google it rather than using our own brains.Also, the radiations generated by the towers of the mobile phone has disturbed the balance of the environment.We have become a slave to the mobile phones.Hence it can be deduced that mobile phone is a great invention but its usage should be controlled.
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    No doubt mobile phones have become most important gadget on our hand irrespective of poor, middle class or rich status. Once it was considered as luxury to own a mobile and now it has become necessity and also a status symbol. How madly people use the phones can be known from this fact. In Telangana the total population is 3.5 crore. But as per official estimates there are over 4.5 crores sims being used daily. That means some people are having dual sim phones and they are using the data effectively. Leaving aside the addiction to mobile and missing the main work, mobiles have become necessity tool on our hand which cannot be dispensed with.
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    Mobile phones are really a part of our body these days. As the reliance started the business saying that the world is in your hand, now it has become, with just a smartphone in your hand you can get the things without any problem. Starting from talking to the people which is the prime purpose the phone to even sending money, receiving money, taking photographs and reading books so on and so forth, can be done with the phone. If a guest comes to our house olden days we used to offer him water. But these days we have to offer him cell charger for charging his cell. No life without a cell these days. But sometimes it is causing irritation. When we are seriously working on some important issue the phone will unnecessarily disturb us and the call may be a sales promotional call also. It has become nowadays we don't remember anything. Everything will be stored on the smart phone. So if we lost it will be difficult. We should have a fallback arangement.
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    Today, mobile phones have become a ubiquitous concept and everyone has a phone smartphone or a simple phone. I'm worried that we have become so attached to our phones and the apps in it, if it's not with us we feel odd and are disturbed. Right from the alarms, songs, what's app wishes, messages, phone calls, games played while killing time, doing financial transactions, ordering food, everything has becomes so easy at our fingertips. It would take a great invention and an inventor to replace our mobile phones. Sometimes it becomes a distraction and it makes people lose their focus on an important task. Mobiles phones are important links between family members and elders who would otherwise be lonely, with it they can see the grandchildren, interact, communicate better more frequently even if they are in far off countries.

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    Yes. It is a requirement!
    Yesterday, my milk vendor threatened me to stop regular supply of milk packets unless I install vendor App in my mobile phone. He himself came and installed the Application in my mobile phone forcefully!
    Now I am fully dependent on this App for my morning tea!
    One way it is good, I can pause the supply when I am outstation.
    How's the idea?

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    It is true that this mobile is part of everybody. We cannot imagine a day without using it. Smartphones provide not only communication facilities but also help us carry knowledge where ever we go. It help to send an important message to several people together. It is a wonderful gadget in all sense.
    But it has a negative influence on our way of life. It consumes our valuable time for nothing. Very often when we are discussing seriously about an issue a phone call disturbs the atmosphere. Certain people talk over the phone loudly without any concern about the surrounding.
    I'm certain cases certain phones will have ringtones misfitting to certain occasions. I had an experience once. It was at the time of a cremation, everybody was keenly and silently watching the process of placing the dead body on the pyre. Immediately from some one's pocket a ring tone came out loudly, that too a love song. The person immediately went out of the site. However it was really a disturbance for everybody.

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    I consider mobile phone as one of the most useful gadgets made available in the modern days.
    Though generally I do not rush in to buy modern gadgets, I bought a mobile phone once the incoming calls became less (though not yet free). I bought mobile phone even before I bough a computer. That was a time when I did not have even a land phone at my ancestral home in native place. Even I had taken a landline under OYT category paying lump sum as high as Fifteen thousand rupees or so. As I was transferred to a place to reach where I had to change two buses. Hence knowing the usefulness and potential of a mobile phone, I bought one.The handsets was broad and heavy variety mobile one and kept it at my ancestral home so that we can contact our mother easily.

    Since then I had bought many handsets till date. I feel that mobile phone has become an unavoidable necessity in our life.

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    Mobile phones has become a part of our life. Earlier people used to live without phones, then came land phones. Now land phones are almost vanished. With the introduction of mobile phones every individual started having a phone and now no individual can live without it. I wonder what will be replacing mobile phones.

    Even though there are certain disadvantages and misuses of mobile phone, it is a blessing. It is the best friend for many. It saves your secrets and helps you capture your favorite moments. You can play music, watch movies, browse internet and what not. Some people even stopped wearing watch as they are carrying a phone with them.

    In short this gadgets has replaced watch, walkman, laptops, land phones, cameras, calculators etc. Even though not completely replaced, but to a great extent. We are carrying almost all the required facilities with us wherever we go. Thanks to this amazing invention.

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