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    What best gift you give to your parents?

    What best gift you give to your parents? As We know there is nothing which is bigger than our parents and we can not forget what they did for us but anytime you think to give any gift to your mother father to surprise him and that you can remember it for a long time.

    Sometimes ago there was the 25th anniversary of my elder brother so we were very far away from him to give any gift so we have given surprise him by sending one wishes collection video to him and it give a happiness a lot to him that is never forgotten type gift.
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    Taking care of our parents in their old age is the best gift we can give them. These days many people are going abroad or far away places for jobs and earning money. They get married. They will make their own family and they will be busy in their works. The old parents who will be staying at their native place don't want to move from there and because of our own problems we may not be able to go to them, That is how these parents are becoming alone and spending time alone there. If we can go to them and if we spend some time with them their happiness can't be described. But the fact that they are staying alone will always be there with us. So I feel if we can take care of them during the old age bt staying with them will give us utmost satisfaction and they will also feel very happy to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Everyone should think how to make it possible. Not sending them to the old age home is another great gift to them.
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    I think the best gift we can give to our parents today is our time and attention. In today's time, people are so occupied and busy in their lives, that they are not able to find even a single minute for their family. It gets really hard.
    So, in my opinion, the best thing would be our time and some nice conversations with our parents.

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    Obedience and obeisance are the early gifts. Then when parents are old to be with them or in their proximity and visiting them as frequently as possible is the gift we can give. Keeping with us and caring them with affection is the best ever gift children can give parents.
    All other gifts can only reflect the opulence and capacity of the children. Sometimes they may need some gadgets, clothes or any other thing. Knowing discreetly what they need and giving that will be apt.

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    At an young age, obeying our parents and living upto their expectations and making them proud are the best gifts we can give them. As we grow older, giving them our time and attention and being with them is the best gift we can give them.

    Normally parents do not want material gifts from their children. They just want their kids to be happy always. But as they become old, they would love to have the presence of their children. Being with them at that time is the best thing we can do.

    Gifting a diamond for a parent in an old age home is if no use. They want to see their kids and grandchildren and not diamonds and money. The best facility you give to them will be nothing for them if you deny them to be with you.

    On my parents 25 wedding anniversary I gifted my dad a watch and mom a sari. My dad wears that watch always, even now. I feel happy when I see it on his wrist.

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    Parents don't need gifts, expensive jewellery or chocolate boxes. All they need is a love and affection for their children and to see the joy and hear the laughter of their grandchildren. They often feel they are intruding into our lives and hence try to be as accommodative as they can. The best gift for parents in my view is not to restrict them to once siblings home or place, allow them to move freely, look after their needs, give them privacy and visit them as often as possible. Many times the bond between parents and married children change due to the increasing number of people at home. In such situations, our mere presence gives them more satisfaction than my words. If possible we should take them out to visit some temples or their relatives whom they want to see. The last things they need is a bunch of children giving money to their monthly needs and thinking that they have been good children.

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