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    Request for revoking restriction in article section

    Recently I have submitted two articles-one article related to a book review-The autobiography of my life by Helen Keller and the other one is Ten basic things to research before you go to buy a Smartphone. After submission of these articles, editors after their first review suggested to change some parts of the resources and check grammatical mistakes. By spending several hours I changed most of the content of both resources and also verified grammatical mistakes through our site provided software. After long duration the editors deleted both the articles for the reason poor content and copied content. For writing both these articles I have gone through many resources and as both these articles require some basic typical wording, it may be the reason some wording might have influenced in my making of this article. I fully regret for the reason I am unable to impress the editors with my write up in the above two resources.

    I request the editors and ISC management to revoke the restriction in article section to continue my further good contributions to this section.
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    Sometimes the language and phrases used in the sentences may be very similar or borrowed from very well written sources. I think, if the member accepts or agrees that he could be wrong, then it would be fair to be given another chance. I'm sure the editors will consider your request favourably and you would come up with an original article,

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    I am also restricted from articles section due to similar issues. I very well know copying content is not allowed at ISC, but may be because some words are found similar, my posts are deleted. My three articles got deleted. I have no issues in deleting it but I feel when the member is not intentionally doing it, they should be given a warning before restricting their access. Orelse the waiting duration should be short in revoking restrictions. I would like to hear from the editors how long is the restriction going to be there.
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    Just now read this thread. I find that some other Members are also facing similar problems like me. I have also been banned from Articles section since September this year for violating policies (most probably for copying). As I have not intentionally/ consciously copied anything, although I go through many resources to write each and every article, I have decided not to write any article in ISC for the next few months.
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    The point of revoking the restriction to post in the article section has been brought to the notice of the concerned editors. They will check it out and let you (all) know. Please wait for a response.
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    We are considering the matter for all those whose permissions were removed from the articles section. Please wait for a decision.
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    Just an update to let you know that we have not forgotten this thread! Some decisions take time.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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