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    It is very much disturbing.

    Time and again people are being advised not to open the threads which are more than ten days old.Every time people are being reminded this. But the practice of opening the old threads is not getting stopped. Today when I have opened the threads section more than ten threads which are very old are there on the frontlist. Some of them are already locked by the editors. By seeing the sign one will understand the thread is closed. But some are yet to be locked. Without seeing the date I have opened a post. But already my post was there and then I have seen the date. It is more than 6 months old. Is it possible to introduce a system of locking the thread automatically by the software without any human interface can be thought of to avoid this problem? I request all the top people of the site to think about this and do something to avoid the reoccurrence of these mistakes. This is purely a request from my side which will help the Editors also in saving some time and they can do some other important work during that time.
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    I had been telling ISC admin repeatedly many times to lock the threads which are 10 days old. What to do? Editors are so busy that they cannot spare their time to lock the threads. I got fed up and left chasing ISC to lock the older threads. Even they can lock threads which are one month old. I requested ISC to handlover the locking keys to me. But they did not. Neither they will lock the thread themselves or allow other members to do the locking job. I am yet to know what's wrong with ISC in this respect.
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    It is irritating and disturbing. We will have to go all the way to the next page to see recent threads. New members might not know the rule and might respond to old threads but there should be some mechanism in ISC which should prevent members from responding to old threads.
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    We have discussed this many times and one of the admin team has mentioned that 'Threads cannot be locked automatically after 10 days'. The onus lies on the member not to pull up threads after 10 days unless there is something crucial or important that is beneficial to all of us. Yesterday I saw a thread from Mohan sir about foreign countries not using our securities/vehicles. I didn't reply because of it around 10 days old. Can I suggest something? We all welcome new members to ISC and say a few words of encouragement. We can also mention one line that 'Please don't pull out or reply to threads that are more than 10 days old'.

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    Actually this happens in case of new Members or when old Members return after long absence. Old Members tend to forget this basic rule of the site due to their long absence.
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