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    Music- A gift of God to mankind.

    Music is a blessing for the mankind. When we are disturbed and not able to concentrate on our work, if we just put on some music we feel relieved. An old song from Ghnatasala, a good song from SP Balu or an Anammayya Kirtana from the voice of Bala Muralikrishna will give you a fresh mind and make you think much better. They the music will give happiness to a child, to an animal and even to a snake. I generally put on my FM when I was travelling and enjoy the beautiful songs. I have a collection of songs of various singers and whenever I feel tired or bored I will go for hearing those songs which will make me normal. Hope you also enjoy the music.
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    Yes, you are right. Music is your mood healer. I also raised a thread once on music and how it helps to relieve our mind. It heals your pain and issues to some extent. The lyrics of the song you listen, you just go with the flow.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Why we love music?
    Music has the ability to strengthen bonds within a community. Think about Military marches.
    It is proved that children singing together inspire spontaneous cooperative and helpful behavior. It helps to develop empathy.
    Music doesn't simply entertain. It binds us together. We sing national anthem to demonstrate the love of country.

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    Many cultures and civilizations have been having music since ages. It is like a common unspoken language that many people from different parts of the world can understand. Music to the common man becomes a tool to relax by listening to music, a hobby to pursue to enrich his/her life, as a method to relive the stress and boredom of life that we face sometime or even an avenue to learn history and traditions of a particular group of people. We have many forms of music that is appealing to the tiny tots, children,teenagers,adults and the elders. With the advent of internet and free sites, it's got a wider reach, we can download the songs or videos based on our taste and listen to them in a group or alone without disturbing other.I like music in the morning at home in the form of vedic chants or shlokas, and songs in the free time. I still remember the early days when we used to buy radios or transistors, the two common reasons would be to listen to news and to listen to music. Technology has advanced so much that gramophones and audio cassettes have become redundant and all we now need is a smart phone to listen to music.

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    No doubt, music is a gift of God to mankind. I don't think there is anyone in this world who does not like music. May be the genre might vary. But it truly is a blessing.

    Music even has the power to cure certain diseases, to get rain and so on. It is the best companion when we are lonely. Some music can increase our heart beat and some can bring it down to normal.

    Beginning a day with your favourite devotional song is amazing. To feel refreshed or for relaxation during the day, just have your head phones and listen to some soothing music. Music also can help during sleepless nights. For some it is a hobby. Fast tracks can get us dance too. Blessed are those who can sing.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    We, the Hindus, consider music as the gift from Goddess Saraswati. The Veena in the hand of the Goddess signifies music. Music does have some divine power.

    However, I do not agree to the popular view that the snakes can enjoy music. The snake moves its head when the snake-charmer plays flute, not because it enjoys music, but to closely watch the movement of the flute.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We have heard that music has the power to melt even the rocks and mountains. But we never came across the fact that even the animals like music and love to listen them. But you will be astonished to note that a cow named Gauri belonging to a farmer of Nizamabad has been habituated to listening songs and that too only devotional songs. This Kothapalli cow would stay starved without grass , but wont stay quiet for a minute without song. The cow has to listen devotional songs for two hours in the morning, one hour in the afternoon and two hours in the evening. So music is not only gift for the mankind but also to the animals which eases them from their own ordeals of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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