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    New at Indian study channel

    Myself Vivek , a student.
    I want to write and post something which I know on this site . If it will help anybody in anyway then my work will be successful. I need help of all old members of this site to support me.
    Thank you
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    A hearty welcome, Vivek Kumar. It is good that you are on ISC now. This is a good educational site which gives a lot of inputs about the education, education institutes and career chances and prospectus. Before starting posting I advice you to go through the help topics. Once you read the help topics you will understand the Dos and Don'ts on this site. It will give you all the required inputs regarding the site. You will understand pretty well how to operate on this channel. Once you are conversant with the system you can start with posting your responses to the threads, your own threads. ASk Experts questions and answers and then articles in the same sequence. You can also participate in various competitions that are being conducted on this site. Your skills will improve and other members will get benefitted with your postings. Please start your voyage on this channel and I wish you all the best.
    always confident

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    Welcome to ISC, Mr. Vivek Kumar. I would advise you to go through the Help topics and the different sections and sub-sections of ISC. Find out your comfort zone and start contributing actively.
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    Vivek Kumar, welcome to ISC.
    Now that you have joined and started with a post, means you have started participating.
    Be in the forum firs reading the various threads a ,the response posts and if you feel you have something to post as response , do that. Once in a while explore other sections. In another few days you will become comfortable and will be at ease posting your contributions.

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    Welcome Vivek to ISC. We all will be definitely there to help you out. And your posts here will be of use to many. All the best wishes.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Thanks all of you to infoming me about help topic reading.

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    Welcome Vivek, Glad to know that you are part of the ISC family, please familiarise with the site layout and sections. The forum is very informal, wherein you can express your thoughts and views on common topics related to the country and life in general. Then you can browse through the article section wherein you can start slowly writing articles once you check the guidelines. There are also contests that are announced from time to time. Once you are acquainted with the site you can venture into ask the expert section and take on questions that you are knowledgeable in. Best of luck.

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    HI, since you are a new member, I thought I would update you. Forum threads are raised by any member, including you, about issues that are currently relevant to us or useful to us. Likewise, all members can reply BUT replying threads that are more than 10 days old are not permitted.

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    Vivek warm welcome to this site. For every one us, we take pride in sharing information with others. While sharing one to one in private is different but sharing your thoughts and views in writing would bring inner talent within us. And here comes ISC. This site gives you International platform to show case your writing skill and calibre and thus in the process would help you gain knowledge, recognition, awards and rewards besides earning some decent amount. In other words by sharing contents for this site , you are not wasting any time and thus it can be doubly assured that you have now associated with a world class education site of varied experienced members who are very cordial and helpful to new members to assist on any matters. Please go through the posting guidelines and help topics and also read few posts submitted by our members to get over all view of this site functioning and its features.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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