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    Have you ever thought of re-living a particular moment or a phase of your life?

    Sometimes we wish to erase a chapter from our life and would wonder if we could go back and start that chapter again. Then we would have better played our role. Have you ever thought of re-living a particular moment or a phase of your life?

    I have felt it many a times. If I could go back to my childhood days where there was no worries and tensions. If I had more time or rather if I could start a particular phase again, I would have done it in a better way. May be these are just my thoughts.

    If we had the option of erasing in life, we would have erased our errors and mistakes. What do you feel, would it be helpful or useless?
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    A very good thinking. Forget about erasing if we can at least rewind and see the past it will be at least thrilling. But God has not given that facility. A moment gone is gone. No chance to get it back. Just while reading this post I am booking my ticket to my native place for tomorrow. For the first time, I have done it on my smartphone IRCTC app. But I have not pressed the date correctly, so ticket got booked for a wrong date. As it is tatkal I can't even cancel it. So I am thinking about your post. If at least go an hour into the past, I will get back my money lost in that booking. I think it is just a coincidence. But God has not given us that chance of erasing our past. If that happens nobody will die everybody will be always going back into their past and live again and again.
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    Nice thread, there would be many things in our memories so far in life that would be worth re-living or forgetting events that we wished never happened. In reality, if these events never happened, good or bad, life would not be interesting, we should learn to enjoy the good moments and learn to be more mature with difficult moments. That's life. If someone says, my life is full of memorable events, then they haven't seen true life.There are many events in memory, those carefree school days, those days wherein we used play till late evening in the streets, no idea of any stress till 7th standard. These are the memorable days that would be worth re-living. Some of the difficult moments would be the struggle faced in getting our first job to the difficulties in arranging money for crucial events and so on.These are certainly events that have helped me learn about people and situations in life.

    I don't think we should erase events, once we retire and time is at plenty, then atleast we can look back and laugh or cry at what all has happened in life.

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