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    Regarding the article submission

    Hey there
    This is regarding the article that I submitted yesterday. Can someone please tell me what is the criteria to decide whether an article is copied or not? I have even checked my article for plagiarism and it shows 100% original because I wrote it completely on my own. I researched and tried to explain the topic as easily I could in the simplest words. Editors, please, I request you to tell me how it is copied?
    I will be grateful.
    The link for the article is
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    Our editors have been trained to valuate every article posted in this site for various issues. For the right heading, good summary, content commensurate with the heading and summary and above all the presentation of the article. Please note that article section is the high ad revenue earning section for this site and the editors want to be doubly sure before approving a article. If you have shared original writing, then there is no chance of your article getting to pending section or rejected. And more over it will take two to three days for a article to be reviewed and then approved by the editorial board of this site. Meanwhile you can go for the other article or participate in this forum with your knowledge enhancing questions or submissions which would greatly help you to maintain good rapport with the esteemed members of this site who shall respond with their creative answers to each post.
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    Ashish, a warm welcome to ISC! Regarding your article under reference, please note that any article or content, even though it has been written by you, that has been published elsewhere will be treated as copied content and will not be accepted in this site. Hope you got the point.

    Since you are a new member, I suggest you to read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics so as to get an idea about the requirements of this site. It would be better if you start by being regular in the forum section because that would help you to get acquainted with the site. Do not worry about the initial hiccups and try to learn. We are all there to help you. All the best.

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    Ashish, it is very clear from the post of Saji Ganesh. Our own article also published on another site can't be published here. You need not think much about that. ISC is a good site for learning and earning. So you concentrate and try to contribute more on the site which will give very good encouragement. But as advised you should go through the posting guidelines before you post any item. That will give you a better understanding of the Dos and Don'ts of this site. Best of luck to you.
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