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    Astrological tricks and Hypnotism - How they so easily read people's minds?

    I have heard that there are ways some people who are good astrologers or have expertise on Hypnotism can easily read and understand people's minds. They can even get into a person's past life and can get distinct and also unheard incidences from there. They can also help people to get to come out of stress sometimes.
    What they deal mostly is with the past experiences of people, to relate and resolve any problems. They can even make the spirits talk and a lot of things as we have seen in many movies.

    In fact, in most of the cases, there are some saints also, who are like working there every day with spirits and they are living a very separate life away from the people of cities. While some of them would live in the middle of a lot of people and would be a very helpful saint who would guide you during your life without any wrong intentions and they would actually be the real saints by heart and by work.

    I think when we think about ghosts or any negative energy and create a picture of it in our mind, we start believing it. But if we are not thinking of anything like that, no such energy would be found.
    But such energy or spirits really exist? Also, the astrologers and hypnotists how they would be dealing with spiritual powers and people's brain.
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    By the way astrology cannot be undermined and one should not express dissent against this great science which is nothing but prediction of future based on planet movements . Yes there are some half knowledge astrologers who sit on the road side and wish to predict our future who are incorrect. A perfect astrologer is the one who can predict the future rightly based on planet movements and those who simply tell our past might have got the information from others who we may know and he visited them. Nevertheless if you have the right information about the time of birth, place of birth and the day of birth, astrology can be predicted perfectly. And please note that astrology is neither trick or hypnotism. It is the great art of telling the fortunes based on ones horoscope and that should be perfect with all the details which I have stated above. I am the strong believer of astrology as I have exact details of my birth and the predictions do happen to me rightly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Thanks, Mohan Sir, that was great knowledge to learn about astrology. I just wrote what we have been seeing through, my assumptions were based on the thought that read about people's mind. In any way, I had no thought of mixing up hypnotism and astrology.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Astrology and Hypnotism are completely two different subjects. There is no relation between the two. In hypnotism, the hypnotist will always make you go into the trans and ask you the questions and based on your answers he will try to understand the problem you are facing. He can't say your past also unless otherwise he ask you questions and he gets the answers from you. I think generally this hypnotism is a kind of treatment to make people normal from their psychological or inner mind problems. In this process, the hypnotist will understand what is there in your mind.
    In Astrology, the astrologist tries to look into your birth chart made basing on your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. The chart made will be more precise if you can give an exact time of your both. A little deviation in the time the chart will get changed. The astrologer will look into the various planets positioning in the chart and their position with respect to the Lagnachauk he will predict your past as well as future. But a good astrologer only can read the chart and tell you the correct issues. Some people who are having half knowledge may be able to tell you past correctly but predicting future is very difficult.

    always confident

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    I'll tell you a little secret. You know what is my hobby? I find some of my Facebook friends online and ask their zodiac sign. Then I start predicting their past and character.
    Kind of like an astrologer. But here's the truth.
    I know absolutely nothing about astrology.
    But, almost 97% of my predictions are true to my audiences. How do I pull it off?
    By making vague predictions.
    We are all 98% similar. You just have to tap into that similar zone to find the weakspot and convince the believer.
    Confidence and persuasion, can make anyone a good astrologer.
    As for hypnotism, I'll explain you with an example.
    When you rub the muzzle of a shark, it goes into a trance. See? Hypnotism applies to every organism with a brain.
    Brain has few hidden weakpoints. You just need to let the conscious become sub-conscious .
    It takes a lot of persuasive power and skills to be a good hypnotic.
    It's pure science. No magic.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Spirits do exist, even though I haven't seen any. Once we went to a place named Bahla in Oman. Until then I did not believe in ghosts and spirits. Bahla is known for the existence of ghosts and is the city of black magic. I do not know how I survived those three days stay at Bahla. The stories I hear, the number of deaths through accidents are many. It is a kind of village and there is no nightlife at all. The people over there will make us scared by saying do not go out especially between 3:00 - 4:00 am as that is the time when spirits go back and hence they can do harm to you. Even a police officer asked us how sure are you that you will come back in this form? What if you are turned into a monkey as the place is known for black magic and people there are capable of doing such things. That really scared us but we did not trust it fully until we reached that place. Even though we did not see any spirits but we get negative vibes everywhere. I do not know whether it is because of the stories that we heard.

    My friend works there in a hospital and she told me that she has seen people who do black magic and many people who come to the hospital has a wound below their back neck as that is the place from where blood is been sucked by the people who do witchcraft. People go to them to get their things done through black magic and in return, they give their blood.

    Astrology is nothing to be scared of and it is a science, I do believe in astrology as many things have happened to me as per my horoscope. I have nothing to say about Hypnotism as I have never been hypnotized.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    @Aditya: That's right, I have heard that there is a subconscious inside our mind that guides all this. It has another way of programming our brain and revealing truths or whatever it finds.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    These are different branches that have a sceintific basis and relies on predictable nature of humans, their needs, thoughts and the probability of events happening. Hypnosis is increased awareness of our previous events is life in a particular envoirnment wherein we don't realise or we are less aware of the current events. In a clam enviornment, we are made to think of pleasant thoughts and all other stimulus like light,noise etc is dulled. Then the hypontist interacts with the subject very slowly and replies that come sound detached. In this stage when our current stimuli is taken away, we are likely to open up and find answers from deep within us,the hidden truths,childhood expereinces and so on. Hypnotherapy is also used as supplementary or alternative medical remedies to behavioural disorders.

    Astrology is based on the planets,their positions,their interactions,positive and negative events. So, for instance based on the star position, astrologers can predict in general what will happen for people and earthly events at a given time. In general, most would be true for many people. There would be some variations depending on the place and time of birth. Hence if you give all the relavent details, it's no surprise that a good astrologer can tell you events from your past with fair degree of accuracy.

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