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    When the bath soaps irritates our eyes, then how come it could be suitable for face & body?

    Based on the recommendations from others, believing a brand, and even using the same brand for many years, we have been habituated to use bath soaps which has the tendency to irritate our eyes when even a small bubble come in contact with our eyes. In that situation how can we ensure that the soaps are safe for our face and body. How can we ensure safety for our skin from that chemical reaction present in the bath soaps. We always get carried away on seeing the ads and practice the same soap, will that ensure right protection ?
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    Generally, these soaps will not irritate the skin. But eyes are not covered with skin. So when it goes into the eye it will create burning sensation and irritation. But the same soap when you apply to other parts of the body, they are all covered with skin and skin will not get irritation with soaps. Some soaps may give irritation to some people on the skin also. Those people should not use those soaps. They are not suitable for their body. The performance of the soap depends on the quality of the water you use. If the water is very hard the soap will not give foam easily. If the water is soft it will give a good foam. So it is not advisable to change the brand often. Again based on the climate and the place also you can decide on the soap brand. In summer we have to use different soap and winter we have to go for a different soap.
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    Eyes would be far more sensitive than the facial skin, the facial skin would be more sensitive than the skin of our feet with respect to the chance of having a reaction. Most soaps would be tested for allergic reaction, barring the odd occasion of allergic to a compounded added in a particular batch or a fake product, generally reactions are less. Now a days we get many different soap types, sensitive skin,dry skin,hypoallergenic soap, medicated soaps etc. Any soap that is neutral and locks in moisture in the skin would be good. We generally don't change soaps frequently. Eyes burn because the layer of the eye conjunctiva is very sensitive and unless we wash the eyes with copious amount of water it doesn't get better or the eyes water so much that it automatically dilutes the irritant. In kids we are always very careful what soap we use for the fear of an skin reaction.

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    We cannot compare our eyes with our skin. Eyes are very sensitive hence, we have eyelids to cover and protect it. That is not the case with our skin, there is no protecting layer for our skin. Just because it hurts when soap enters our eyes, does not mean that soap is not good for face and body. There are chemicals in soap but it is too mild, hence skin won't be affected if we are using branded or quality products. Never pick cheaply available soaps as it can damage our skin.

    We apply cream, powder etc on our face but it gets irritated if those enter our eyes. Same applies for soap too. It is better to stick on to the same brand of soap as our skin will get used to it and its chemical presence. Changing the soap often is not a good thing as our body will have to adapt to the changes. Actually, we need not wash our eyes as it gets washed with our tears. At times, we will wash it with plain water but not with anything else. Accidentally if soap or cream enters the eyes then it starts paining. The only thing we can do is to be careful.

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    Soaps are to be neutral-neither acidic nor alkaline. Either of them is harmful.
    However there is a tolerance for each of our body parts. While by practice we can touch relatively warm objects by our right palm(if right handed person), but cannot touch same by other parts or eve by left hand.We eat spicy food with chillies through our mouth. Can you imagine a little chilly powder or peeper powder coming in contact with any other part of our body?

    The lens of camera has to be protected from dust and scratch, where as the outer body of a camera can withstand scratch and dust.
    Compare our eyes to the thin lens of our camera. It needs more protection as it does very sensitive function. So it needs more protection.
    To alert us many harm is coming to our sensitive parts, body has many inbuilt mechanisms. Pain or sense of burning is one of them. Our eyes are supplied with such sensitive nerves that senses if any unwanted material reaches near the vital parts. The eyes automatically close. If something enters,then Immediately the defence mechanisms start like tears poring out and diluting that and flushing it out. Hence considering the vital nature of the eyes, body has kept the threshold limit lowest to alert warning and provoke defence.

    Same principle hols for inner ear, inner throat, private parts etc. They are all more sensitive than other parts.

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    Eyes are highly sensitive part of the body. That is why they have a habit of continuously blinking. Even a continuous flow of air could bring water in our eyes, and so blink again and again.
    We really cannot compare our skin to our eyes. They have all different tendency to bear heat or cold or whatever.
    Now about using brands, one should really not base their opinions on very good brands, because at just one look you cannot decide if the particular cream or soap is going to suit you or not. You need to see its ingredients and then try it once on your hands and then if found positive effects, should try on your face. The skin of the face is sensitive in comparison to rest of the body parts.
    While using any soap, you should always keep your eyes properly closed, to avoid any contact with soap. Be careful and do not use any soap if it is causing irritation in your eyes, that could involve little more chemicals.

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