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    You can't understand and I can't explain

    This is a catch 22 situation that some of us would have faced. At home, when parents pull up a teenager for not scoring good marks when parents or a couple in a relationship have an argument. At work when the boss or colleague wants to know something desperately and we can't answer clearly due to circumstances beyond us. Such situations bring issues to a stalemate and there's no easy way out. Such issues need a little of common sense, tact and diplomacy to handle and not a hotheaded attitude.

    Something deeper is also related to this situation. People who face emotional issues, who are depressed, who have lost a loved one or suffered a financial setback or two people in love drift apart also fall into this group. If people are close to us, we should understand and later when time permits are supportive and speak a few kind words, you will be surprised that the same individuals open up and share their issues. If you can help them or at least guide them.
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    What I presume that we all lack the right way of expressing our feelings and thoughts to others. In every day of life there are failures and challenges to which we should able to face and explain others on how to cope up and how to go about. If the boy gets less score and being scolded by parents, he must open up and say the fact. Whether he is not understanding the portion, or the teacher is strict and not explaining the subject in detail and his doubts are not addressed and in the office if the officer or the boss is not conveying the right information he wants urgently, you cannot cope up to finish or furnish. It is better to take the help of co employees , because they know the work and also the information being sought. Some times we have to be cordial with co workers and seek their guidance and our ego should not be hindrance to our work.

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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes it happens. Even we know the answers to some questions we may not be able to speak out because of our own reasons. In such case, the best course of actions is to be silent. Hear the others patiently. Don't lose the temper. Think from the point of others. We can understand the reason for their anger. So wait for some time and see that his anger will come down. He will become normal. Then slowly in very soft words if you try to explain to him what happened, why you have done like that or why it happened like that. As the other person is also a little bit calm now, he will hear you properly and a meaningful discussion will be held. Then we can come out openly and an understanding can be arrived at. Otherwise, if both the parties raise their voice and stare at each other, there are chances for permanent debonding may also happen which is not advisable in any case. A little bit of patience will solve many of the major problems.
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