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    My greatest strength

    My greatest strength is my firm belief in Almighty. He guides me what to do and what not to do. By His Grace, I focus my work. I enjoy learning from everyone. I meet; I believe this strength enhances my ability to perform well in a team. I am capable of keeping many projects on track at the same time. Please share what is your greatest strength?
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    My greatest strength is also my belief in God. I always feel because of him only I am like this now. He knows what to give when to give and whom to give. Only thing is we should have faith in him and go on doing your duties keeping faith in Him. Sometimes I feel that I am getting slow and I am not coping up the work, I will sit for some time praying the God and I will get my energy back. This happened many times. Some people may not believe. But it is the fact. I will also have always many projects on my hand and I will be doing them carefully and so far I am successful in the works whatever I have taken up. I am always thankful to the GOD.
    But believing the God if you sit without doing anything even God also will not help. So plan your work properly and go on executing the works in a planned way, He will be there behind you to help as and when required.

    always confident

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    As per you, Even my greatest strength is my almighty. I strongly believe in that. I don't just believe without any reason. I faced Many practical issues and then have a strong belief in my almighty.

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    Most of us would agree with you expect those who don't believe in God. My ability to put in the hard work and work with diligence has always helped me. I remember what my father said long back, Put in your efforts sincerely, the outcome good or bad, HE will decide. The important part is putting in our true efforts and then believing in God, not just belief alone. I've had the good fortune of having good phases in life with the blessings of the Almighty with few short periods that have tested my beliefs in humans around me. Personally, the Supreme power is a great equalizer for many of us, just when you think who are ahead in life and have learnt all, then comes another lesson that we neither have learn't nor are prepared for it. These are times that makes us more stronger and more mature in life.

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    When everything happens and goes on as we expect them, we will boat about our own capabilities and strengths. But when things go wrong in spite of all our efforts and expectation, and things that we never expected happen we try to put the blame on others or other factors. If it happens more and more, then we start saying 'Man proposes, God disposes'.

    If we feel we can make or mar anything as we propose and wish,and it happens so, then that is our strength. But normally things do not happen all the way, always like that. Sometimes plans crash, arrangements go haywire , we cannot make as we expected. Then that shows our weakness somewhere. A big ship can sink due to a small hole also.Life is also like that.

    If we know our weaknesses , then that is our strength. We need not know our strengths.We should know our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. But even the weak can be strong if he follows certain things or avoids certain things. I am yet to know all my weak points and vulnerabilities. So I do not have any overconfidence of my strengths.

    Fearing for my unknown weak points, I pray God to make everything Okay. But when even then things go against my wish or expectation, I pacify myself, that God has designed and destined it so to my ultimate benefit.

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