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    Holding simultaneous elections - The debate of democracy.

    Conducting periodical elections is at the heart of keeling democracy alive in India. BJP has been arguing for simultaneous elections. The reaon cited was election expenditure. But does it warrent the need for effective democracy? If simultaneous elections are conducted wont there be a tendenciy among citizens to confuse state with national issues? Are there alternatives? And also does not having elections at different time make Government more accountable?
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    I think there will not be any problem if elections for state and centre were conducted simultaneously. In earlier occasions also we have this practice. I remember at least once or twice both the elections were conducted at the same time. Voters don't have any complaint of confusion or mixing of issues. They can understand the things better. Conducting two times election will be an additional expenditure and time-consuming. So I always support the concept of conducting elections simultaneously. Many other changes are also required. But no government is able to think of that. A candidate contesting in two constituencies and same candidate contesting for parliament and assembly may also be happening. Once he wins both he will vacate one and sub election is to be conducted for the vacated seat. This is an additional unnecessary expenditure. The government should think of this also so that some money can be saved.
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    The demand for holding elections simultaneously has been suggested many a times but there is no will with the ruling parties which ever may be at the helm of affairs to attempt it. The reason cited for not heeding to the request that compared to previous elections, now the elections are held in large scale with staggered dates and having simultaneous polls means more staff and more expenses which the EC nor the government cannot foot right now, But the topic has been discussed many a times in this forum previously and also highlighted in the media , but only leaders like PM Narender Modi can initiate such vast change.
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    I don't there would be too much of confusion. It would not mislead people except some remote areas were people still would believe the words of the netas and the false promises would get them votes. The whole exercise, the campaigns, the extra manpower, resources all can be reduced. The issues of mixing up issues will be remote, For instance the people of Karnataka have a unique set of issues that we are all familiar with but lack detailed knowledge about issues in neighboring states. Similarly all of us would be knowing about the national issues. The only potential issue would be if the central and state governments are of different parties and both parties are wooing voters for the state and center, there's bound to be some tense moments or clashes. Would there be an legal issues or constitutional statues that need to be kept in mind? May be it needs all-party approval and then the EC can make arrangements.

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    The issue has been discussed only some days before. As far as I know, earlier Loksabha and Assembly elections were held together. This system continued till 1977. The Lok Sabha formed in 1977 was dissolved in 1980. As a result from then onwards, the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections are held separately.

    I support the proposal of holding both elections simultaneously. This has many benefits. There would be cost-saving and time-saving. Moreover, if the elections are held together, the announcement and implementation of policies will not be abruptly stopped in a state due to elections (held at different time).

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