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    If you want success don't think of excuses.

    We all want to be successful in our life. We don't want to taste defeat in any of our endeavours. So we all strive for the same. But if one who wants to be successful he should never say excuse. Success and excuse can't go together. It is always better, to be honest with yourself about what you can do better. You should take responsibility for your actions You should create positive momentum and keep moving forward. We have to see that we will do our work with a positive attitude and try hard to achieve the success. Then you need not think of excuses for not doing work properly.
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    Author has raised a right a topic. For success, we should not find excuses. We should do our work sincerely but we should always not expect a positive result. Some time even failure also teaches us a lesson and we should overcome it and move forward. This is what I think always. In short, I mean to say success is the result of your hard work and failure is put more effort on your hard work and rectify the mistakes.

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    I agree with the author. Excuses are just a way of finding reasons for not doing something within the available time. For anyone to succeed in life, work or studies, they themselves should try for it. We can achieve success only if we want success and if we are ready to work for it, Success cannot be achieved easily, hence we have to go through hardships or struggles. Only if we are ready to face the challenges and fight, we will achieve success.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    The time tested recipe for success is Hard work + Opportunities. Perhaps Excuses would be accepted if one shuns Success by unethical means. The means to success needs to be acceptable and not harmful to others around us. Any task we undertake often has three outcomes, successful completion, failure, incomplete. The outcome depends on the circumstances, resources and most important our efforts and commitment to complete the task. many people dream of success, do not realise the practical hardships that one has to undergo to come out at the top. Instead, they make excuses for lack of time,money,energy and blame it on luck. People depending on luck to bring them wins find that it does not work always. Once we start a task, we need research, planning,timeframe, efforts and assessment of progress to ensure that the job can be completed. All of us whether successful or unsuccessful have 2 hours in a day only, people who time the time and effort for the task become winners, people who don't often end up as losers.

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    That's right. If we keep on giving excuses, we will not be able to achieve success.
    The height of success is very big, it needs a good amount of efforts and dedication. Do not need to leave the things in between. You need to continue with your focus on it, to achieve that height of success and get there.

    Do what inspires you !!

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