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    How about having seperate Police, Prisons, Hospitals under Judiciary?

    In India the main reason for political interference in criminal cases arise from the fact that the investigative part of Judicial activity is under executive. A solution could be Judicial police and hospitals specialised in investigation and forensics. This can reduce political nepotism to great extent. Or one of the central agency like CBI or NIA can be brought under Judicial control Administratively. This can ensure natural Justice and "caged parrots" agencies can be reduced.
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    Your suggestion is admirable but any system can be brought to light only when we have anticorruption officers. Every place we find corrupt officers. To bring any system to light first political parties only talk negative about it and to bring to light we face a lot of ups and downs. By all this, the main matter will be a corner. This regularly happens, if your suggestion is brought to light then we can expect perfect judgement without any political interference.

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    I think it is a good idea and if it can be done it will be better for the country. But who will bell the cat is the question. No politician wants that to go out of their hands. So nobody will bring this issue either in parliament or Assembly. Even someone wants it to be done it will not get through because the majority of politicians wants their hand on all the issues. Even contrary to our thinking there may be the interference politicians even in Judiciary also. But it may be at a very highest level and generally will not get leaked out. Bt once these all are also brought under Judiciary system the strength will increase and chances of corruption there also will come. It is the mindset of the people that make the difference. Yesterday I was watching a news channel. An employee of ACB is found to be helping the culprits regarding the case details and all that. He accumulated a lot of money by doing so. Now he was terminated. So in our country for every rule, there will be a rule-breaking method.
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    The author has been making series of good suggestions and this one is also worthy to implement. But you know our Judiciary is already over burdened with cases but less judges. Time and again requests has been made to the government to increase the courts and also judges but the process seems to be taking time. Moreover even though special Lok Adalats are being tried at the Prison premises itself, still many people are languishing in jail for no reason or proof. And having separate police and hospitals directly under judiciary is not possible. But I too feel if changes are making in every sphere why not try this.
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    A good suggestion in principle. We all read about the Bhopal tragedy few days back, this would a good example. The Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson, on his arrival in India, was placed in custody like house arrest in a guesthouse pending further action. But alleged, he was allowed to fly out of the country (and never to comeback) because, the then CM of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Arjun Singh is said to have got a phone call from higher authorities to allow him to leave. Such interventions are possible in VVIP cases or cases with high media exposure wherein it can derail or deviate the course of investigations and justice can be delayed or denied. This would also ease the pressure on the system. The problem I foresee is, who will be governing these agencies/organisations. They should not become too powerful and be answerable with great transparency of conduct.

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    Concentration of power ,wealth, command etc can lead to arbitrariness and authoritarianism. That will then led to corruption and bias. This will make people's lives difficult.
    It is consciously that in our country the Judiciary, Executive and Legislature are kept separate and independent. That gives inbuilt check against dictatorship and collapse of democracy.
    Hence all these should work in rightful respect and support of each other for the country's and people's good; but independently and exclusively to prevent usurping of sole authority by any one of it.

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