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    Do you donate money to NGO who are caring cancers and children or any other thing?

    Do you donate money to NGO who are caring cancers and children or any other thing? If you receive any call to donate some money then what reaction you have given to caller do you support them or you just cut the call.

    I donated money to some who came or visited home and shown a lot of proof but not by the call because I am thinking a lot of fraud call may be to take money only not supporting. Do you think most of the call are honest?
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    There is nothing wrong to donate to those organisations which are doing services to the cancer patients and even leprosy patients but often we wont find the right organisation to provide our donation. For example Lepra India is the best organisation which are doing wonderful services for the welfare of the leprosy patient and like wise Indo American Cancer Institute is also taking care of there patients. But those are visiting homes and showing number of proofs of their service may not be genuine as the real organisations wont seek donations door to door. You can always send the donations to above said NGO's.
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    Basing on our capacity and availability we will be donating to needy in cash or kind. in Hyderabad, many people who are running the orphan homes and other social works will be coming to the houses with receipt books for donation. once we give every time they will come. Once in two months are so they will be coming to the houses. We will be donating as per our capacity, But what we are donating, why we are donating and to whom we are donating need not be disclosed anywhere.We should not advertise the donations we are giving. As a responsible citizen of the country, we have to see that our fellow citizens who are in need will get the required support. We trust the people and they will come with standards receipts and all that so we have to believe them. Even NGOs who call us by phone also will send the receipts. Once I have given some money to an NGO called Greenpeace and they have sent me a report.
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    My wife regularly donates money to such NGOs. However, I am little bit skeptical about the NGOs. Earlier during my work in different Ministries, I came to know that running NGOs has become a lucrative business for some people.
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    Donations of any sort are good as long as the needy ones are benefiting from it. But there are some people who try to cheat others in the name of NGO and thereby make money. We should be careful about such people. I don't give money on the basis of phone calls but do give money to the ones who come home. Sometimes they say they are coming from charitable homes and shows their identity card. Even though I do not trust them fully, I will give them money thinking that they might be taking it for the needy ones. We should actually go to the organizations and then pay money rather than depending upon these middlemen.

    Now, we get to see many posts through networking sites also, Many needy peoples are asking for a help. Their account number and details are mentioned in the post, but here too the I doubt the trustworthiness of the posts. Some posts will be real but some will not be. It can be a technique to grab money from others. Because of these doubts, we might end up not helping the actual needy ones.

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    I don't trust these organisations. In this present world, it has become a money making and money sharing business. However, I don't refuse people approaching me for donation. I give them very minimum amount., say Rs. 10 or 20 only.
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    Because few people prey on our soft corner or emotions, many NGOs get a bad name. Most do a sincere job of helping the needy by the money collected from people like us. It is difficult for me to really differentiate between genuine and fake groups. A few years ago, I read that only 1/3 of the funds collected to help poor nations(Africa) actually reaches the needy. Rest goes for overhead and corrupt officials. A couple of years ago a report on England's charities revealed that not all go for the poor One-five-UK-s-biggest-charities-spending-half-public-donations-good-causes-spend-little-ONE-CENT-charitable-work, you can decide for yourself. What we do is give the money to midday meal program in a temple and another to a foot and mouth artist group who regularly send their greeting cards once they get the donation. I think if money is used appropriately most people would give what they can.

    The link is just for members to read about how charities use or misuse the funds

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