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    Can we integrate our Educational Institutions?

    In India we have IITs, NITs, IIMs, IISC, JNU, etc each specialising in an Area. If we are able to integrate them we can solve unemployment problem to huge extent. For eg, Social science students from JNU in final year can find a problem among Indian society and get Ideas from students of IIM and IIT in developing a product with suitable bussiness model. They can start companies with help of Retired bureaucrats providing Ideological guidance and professional experience. We are aware of Tech fests and other functions being conducted were students meet. The basic intent of the thread is to discuss Institutionalising them and providing a platform by Government. With Start up India scheme we can create a suitable mechanism for funding. Students from other colleges private and public can become part of the companies started.
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    Integration of various educational institutions may not be practicable.The management will become a big problem and the importance of Organisation will come down. If you compare the education standards in IITs and IIMs are very much high when compared to JNU. The ideas from IIms will be implemented by IIMs and anyone interested in the startup can approach the IIMs and they can take those plans. There are many laboratories and Institutions in India are offering various technologies for startups and the interested people can approach them.National Chemical Laboratories, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and many other such institutions are offering many technologies for the people who are interested. For that, we need not go for integration of Educational Institutions.
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    Again the author has pitched for one more good suggestion and this time he stressed for the need of integrating higher educational institution for better coordination between the students pursuing specific projects. Though the suggestion seems to be unique and even viable if all the Vice Chancellors and Principals sit together and give a thought on that, but invariably most of the colleges are affiliated to different Universities and some big private colleges are considered as University of their own and thus wont integrate with what the author has suggested.
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    The author has tabled a long cherished dream of many people who have similar thinking. Unfortunately the existing system is already well developed and is at its apex may be favouring some while others may be at a disadvantageous position.

    Frankly speaking Govt can go for its rationalization and unification but there will be so much hue and cry from different corners specially those who have already taken advantage out of it that it will be a practical impossibility.

    Anyway Govt can slowly if it so wishes bring some logical changes in it so that some element of homogeneity is seen in the qualification. Today the stamp of an institution is commanding more than the quality of its students. It should be somehow discouraged.

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    For the sake of unemployment, integrating these institutions will have major hurdles with regards to administration, resource allocation. There would be a loss of identity that is unique to each specific university. The smaller players in reality will become redundant in terms of their competitive visibility. There would be huge egos to be balanced and pacified even before we can get all the players to sit across. The budgets, career progression etc also would be perceived to be threatened with such linking process. What we can think about is have a common pool of resources in terms of the jobs available, the potential candidates and the expertise ( knowledge and funding agencies) to come together on a single platform and make startups more viable. It would also mean better utilization of the resources and hence more beneficial to the graduates.

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