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    On line shopping is the order of the day.

    With the availability of the internet, we are all getting benefitted in many ways. We can do many activities by sitting at home. We need not go to banks. We need not go to offices. Many things we can operate from our house. The online shopping is becoming very attractive. By sitting at the house we can order any item. Starting from food to clothes, gold and even medicines we can order online. Yesterday My wife was going through her Facebook account. She found an advertisement for some clothes. She liked a saree and she immediately ordered it. I got astonished that purchasing a saree is so fast and so easy. Online purchase is the present day sty;e.
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    Online shopping can be convenient when we have sufficient time, when we have some idea about the product and we know the price of the same at the local shops and also with different online shopping sites. Reputed and established sites have some customer friendly policies on cancellation,refund, replacement.

    However online shopping has its own drawbacks as we cannot have the real idea about the colour, texture and feel which we get in the brick-and-mortar shops. In case there need a return ,cancellation or replacement, then it entails some time and we will be at tender hooks until the whole thing is over. The post sales service will not be easy and ready as when we deal with the local shops. In case the product needs installation then also we may face problems or delays.

    I had done online purchasing for electronic items, mobile phones, mobile and computer spares, accessories and peripherals(including printers), clothes,ready made dresses, curtains, medicines, toys table top wet grinder and induction cooker.

    I had faced issues in just a few cases and they also got resolved properly. There was just one or two cases where I had some loss due to the lower quality/quantity supplied. That was because the sub vendor. I did not venture for further procedures as the amount involved was quite less. The online shopping site removed the vendor from approval after that incident.

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    Online shopping is a blessing, because it is convenient for those who do not have sufficient time to spare at the shopping malls. You get the advantage of shopping 24*7, sitting at your home.

    I have purchased readymade clothes, fancy watches, accessories, mobile phone, car cleaning accessories etc through online shopping. The best thing is that products are comparitively cheaper and we can select from a wide range of websites. We can also make use of the online offers available.

    The disadvantage is that we can't check the quality of the clothes, card payments over the net is not really safe, have to pay shipping charges, wait for the delivery etc. It is better to opt COD option. We sometimes combine and order so that the shopping charges get shared.

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    Online shopping is a pleasant experience with the ease of you sitting at home in your home clothes, on your bed and leisurely browsing and ordering things you want. If one is careful to select the product based on the reputation of the site and the seller, things go smoothly, even when you want a return and a refund, the logistics team comes and collects the item from your doorstep and payment is refunded. We have purchased mostly toys, kitchen accessories, floor cleaning accessories and mobiles. The only time we've had an issue with a toy gun not being the size that was mentioned and a broken lid of a vegetable cutter. Both were replaced. Clothes, I personally feel are a difficult area wherein one has to see and feel the item before being happy to purchase it especially if its a saree or a birthday gift.

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    That's right. Online shopping is a great experience for everyone. We just have to go the required website, select the stuff that we like be it clothes, cosmetics or whatever, and we just have to click on "Buy" and we have it in our home in few days. It is a complete boon to us. No extra efforts needed except the choice you need to make. The upcoming of E-commerce has given way to online marketing. You can shop from anywhere, just need a mobile phone in your hand.
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    Yes online shopping has become the order of the day, thanks to mushrooming of on line portals which offer varied items at best discount and best offers. The latest being returns accepted with no questions asked. Such kind of offers would tempt us to buy anything and many things as there is always the assurance of returns accepted and the payment credited back to our account. But what I feel that one should not shop for the normal items and regular items which are available a plenty elsewhere in the town and cities. There are many products which are introduced as new and that are exclusively available with some on line marketing agencies. Those things seems to be worthy of ordering as the cost would be less coupled with guarantee tag too. But what I do not like is the mad rush for the festival seasons offer as if it wont be available afterwards.
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    Online shopping is convenient for some items only like children clothes, the items which are not available in the local market. The major problem with online shopping is that we are not sure of the quality of the item. Wherever you have to consider the quality, it is always better to shop locally. Sometimes we get damaged and opened items which we have to return and wait for the refund. For those who are not having enough time to go shopping, the online shopping is useful. If you have the time better go to market and purchase.
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    Online shopping has made our lives easy. At the click of a button we can order not only clothes, but electronics,to vegetables and fruits. It saves our time and money. We spend time travelling to a particular brand which is few miles away from our homes, thus saving
    on travel expense too.
    Many of the big brands also have return policies and if we not satisfied with a product it can be exchanged too. It is always better to have a prior knowledge about the product before ordering.
    People do have bad experiences too. Sometimes the product or colour is not exactly the same what is ordered. Few days back I had ordered a ready-made dress but it was not the exact colour I had seen online. I had no choice but to return it. I could easily return it from my home without any hassles.That was a good experience for me.

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