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    Does dame luck smile more at dawn?

    I am familiar with the saying 'Early bird catches the worm'. But I have not come across a coinage 'early lottery ticket gets the prize'. But I feel there is some such belief in the luck-hunters.

    In villages and towns, it was and is a sight that the tea shops are the first to open and cater to the needy. It can be understood. Especially during winters, it is a worthy sight to see people with headscarves, mufflers and sweaters crowding around the tea vendor and happily sipping the hot tea to ward of the residual sleep and cold. Other than the tea shops and the pan-bidi shops, most other shops open later only.

    But now I see that in my place at least more than a dozen shops selling lottery tickets are open when the tea shops are just opening. Not just that, the lottery ticket seller goes to the tea drinkers and beckon them to buy. The pucca shops with lights and decorations are open and ready at dawn. And sure, there are buyers too. The demand-supply equilibrium.

    Do you know any theory that buying a lottery ticket early morning brings a prize?
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    No No No. It is said that one has to look at a cunny fox ( Kulla Nari) in the morning that would bring luck to someone. I don't think buying lottery tickets early in the morning would bring us luck.
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    As I have not purchased lottery ticket till today, I can't tell anything about ''dame luck''. However, I do know that those who purchase lottery tickets or have active interest in horse-racing, have many peculiar superstitions.
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    Well, mathematically speaking, I can't agree.
    It is quite understood that the winning lottery is shuffled nicely. Which means, buying the very first lottery wouldn't fetch you luck!
    Buying the last lottery is better than the first lottery while speaking about probability.
    Moreover, the chances of you being hit by a thunder bolt is greater than you winning a lottery.

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    Probably when the people are going for morning walk everybody will tend to have a cup of tea and they will stop for the tea. While doing so if the lottery shop is next to the tea shop instead of standing and drinking they go there and see the available tickets and try to purchase. During my initial days of employment, I used to purchase these lottery tickets. Once I have seen a lottery ticket. I have totalled the number to a single digit and the digit was happened to be my lucky number. Immediately I purchased that ticket. All this happened early morning when I was at a bus stand waiting for a bus. When the results came to my ticket got Rs.500 prize. I am very happy. From that onwards, for about another 2 or 3 years I used to purchase tickets which are giving my lucky number when totalled to a single number. But luck never repeated. After that, I stopped purchasing. So I don't believe that early morning purchase will give you a prize.
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    If Luck has to come our way or elude us dawn or dusk would not mean much. Maybe, like the early bird getting the worm, the lottery ticket sellers are catching their customers much early in the day before their get pre-occupied or use their money for other purposes. If you see the supermarkets just at the checkouts, they places some biscuits, toiletries, chocolates so that before paying,we are reminded to buy. Similarly, the sellers may be cashing in/ utilizing the presence of the crowd to sell their tickets. During the glory days of the lottery ticket business, I've seen many shops fully lit up late in the night at places where the long distance buses stop for a 1 or 2 people would buy tickets before coming back.We should appreciate the business mind of the vendors who reach out to the people who are enjoying their morning cup of tea/coffee in a good mood.

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    I have no idea about lottery tickets because I have never bought them. Maybe people would be having this thought that purchasing the very first lottery ticket would be getting them luck and so because of that, they could come up early morning.
    If I frankly speak, I do not believe in the lottery and all. Whatever you sow, you will reap the same. So do your best and have faith in God. The money will come and go.

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    I agree with Partha that people who are addicted to or are habituated of buying lottery tickets maintain certain peculiar beliefs. Some are based on their experience and some are based on the calculations they make based on a general trend.

    The reason why people tend to buy tickets early in the morning also may be related to such beliefs but it may also have something to do with the common belief that you may stand to gain more or better if you do something early in the morning.

    I have seen people totaling up the numbers to check whether it comes to their favorite single digit or looking for the last two digits. I know people who buy tickets in different series having the same numbers and also people who buy tickets in bulk just to ensure that they leave no stone unturned to allow the Goddess of luck to bless them. Lottery, as such, is almost a gamble and people try all sorts of permutations and combinations in the bargain. I do take lottery tickets occasionally but am yet to win a prize.

    I remember having said in an earlier thread that buying a lottery can, in one way, keep your hope alive, at least till the time the results are declared. It is a matter of luck and so a matter of chance. No harm in trying it at times, I suppose.

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    Some people are more inclined to their numerical astrology and they invariably look for the particular numbers in their daily life. Lottery tickets are also having numbers and they play greater role in deciding the luck factor. If the required numbers are available in the lottery tickets, soon that would be purchased and for that early bird action as to be taken by the purchaser. If the day passes, the best tickets would have sold off and the non consequential tickets would be left over which is not purchased or liked. So luck factor, numerical astrology and early bird visiting plays important role in getting a lottery prize.
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