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    Cattle menace on the highways. Is there any solution to stop this menace?

    Dear Fellow ISCian,
    My good old Padmini narrowly escaped on the highway from a cattle group. Not only my Padmini, I too. While I was on my way from Kanyakumari to Tirunelveli with my good old Padmini making 80+, a cattle group crossed the road unexpectedly. I managed to save my Padmini and myself with a screaching halt. Thank God, there was no one behind us. It is not only on the highways, but also inside the cities and towns. There is no effective management to control this cattle menace.

    Members, do you have any such cattle menace in your city, town or village? What do you feel? How to end this cattle menace causing a dangerous situation to the highway drivers?
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    Many times it happens. When we are travelling on a highway generally we will have a tendency of going fast. But there generally traffic also less. So the drivers are able to easily control the speed by applying the sudden break or by turning the steering to another side as there will not be any opposite vehicles coming in that direction. Otherwise, they are very disturbing. It is a big challenge to the drivers in our country. We don't from where they come and where they will go. Sometimes this buffaloes will be on the way of our passage. They will not go to a side even though we are using our horn. We have to go slowly behind then till they gave way to us. Jokingly we call them as break inspectors. When foreigners see these cattle on road whey will have a lot of fun. They will ask us to wait, get down the car and take a photograph of the cattle with the car. They will have fun with these photos after going back their native country.
    always confident

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    It is not happening newly. It is a perennial problem. Rather discussing from the view point of road users it should be viewed by the cattle owners. As the cost of cattle is high on one side, the treatment difficulty on the other side and in many cases the cattle are bread feeders to the owner. The mere enactment or prevention by rules and law are all just waste as the owners should realise the inconvenience to themselves as well road users.

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    Glad that you are unhurt Mr.SuN and there were no one behind you. Cattle crossing the roads are very common, if the going is slow, you can see them squatting on the roads and chewing their cud slowly.At least in the cities and smaller places the hustle and bustle would not enable vehicles to pick up speed and we can brake to a stop or avoid them. On the highway, we can zoom without much effort and stopping suddenly is risky from both sides. In Bangalore, when we reach the outskirts where small layouts have mushroomed rapidly, we still see cattle let loose or fed on the edges of the road. It's a issue that is recurring. The new trend that I've seen is people quickly cutting across the road or two wheeler crossing the wide roads from right to left. To save a few hundred meters, they drive on the wrong side just along the left edge of the road. This is a risky practice as if someone overtakes us from our right, we tend to move to the left and suddenly we see these two wheeler very close to us.

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    Cattle menace is an issue especially in Bangalore City roads. Here, you can see freely wandering cattle across the busy roads at many places. Nobody is there to take care of them.Once,I had a bad experience. A cow hit my car and damaged the side mirror badly. It is dangerous to drive in those roads. Traffic police is adamant in this issue. I think, Cattle owners are responsible for this mess. They should not allow them to wander along the road.
    Road traffic department should conduct awareness programmes frequently to the general public. I can say very well that we, as Indian, are least bothered about road safety/signaling and traffic related matters. Vehicle license issuing system also flawed. That is why we are having more records of road accident deaths.
    What you say?

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    Cattle menace is present in every city and town and it is dangerous on highways. Most of the cattle are being sent out openly by the owners to craze on their own and in that process it may visit many places including highway. On the highway if the cattle group is present, do not honk or make the animals terrified else they would rather run here and there giving much inconvenience to all. The Municipal authorities must identify such owners and levy heavy fines if the animals were allowed to go on the highway. Otherwise there is no end to this menace which is present every where in India.
    K Mohan
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    Domesticated cattle and even wild animals have their traffic sense and discipline. When they cross the road, if we give sufficient alert and space to them,they cross the road or give side properly.

    Most of the time, it is our own over speed and impatience that invite trouble. For a moment if we think that we are occupying the space which they also have a right on, then things will be smooth.

    In the case of domestic cattle, also it is human deficiency. They should watch for traffic, give signal o take safe points to cross their cattle by leading them or being with them.

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    Roads are meant for vehicular traffic. They are built for particular speed and volume. Each road is under 24 hours surveillance by the traffic department. It is their responsibility to clear the road for vehicles for that only they are getting paid. They are accountable and answerable for each accident. It is their responsibility to give traffic awareness to the public.
    People have no right to roam over the road. That is applicable to animals also. They can cross the road at designated crossings only. Protection of animals is our responsibility. This is what we learned in our school
    We are living in the Bullet train Era not Bullock Cart Era

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    If it was day time, we can manage to manouvre or steer our vehicle safely and avoid the cattles on the highway. Just imagine a situation if it was a dark new moon day ( Amavasya) night, and a black buffalo resting on the highway.

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    Then that would be the last day of the dark buffalo and we cannot see it in the dark nor they have the capacity to move away quickly and thus accidents are bound to happen.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That experience may be chilling!
    Black buffaloes roaming in dark night on the black road? What is the color of your car? Black?

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    It is not the last day for the dark buffalo alone, but also the vehicle, its driver and the passengers. We would feel satisfied that it was Lord Yama on the highway to take away our lives.

    No life without Sun

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