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    Do you have control over your feelings?

    Isn't it necessary that we learn to control our feelings? Some people start crying as soon as they are hurt. They can't control their tears. Some just burst out irrespective of the situation. They need to learn to control anger. There are some others who just can't control their laughter.

    Some feelings of our's are to be controlled at times. If we can't control ourselves, then who else will? Any feelings that comes out of our control will not give a good impression about us to others. Therefore we need to learn to control our emotions.

    There are some people who will control themselves from crying even though they are hurt. They hold their feelings to their heart. Similarly, some control their laugh when in a public place or control their anger as they know people will start noticing them.

    Do you have control over your feelings or you just break out? How do you manage to control your emotions?
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    No, I don't have. I cry very easily. As soon as someone scolds me, I just burst out into tears. I have improved this habit to quite an extent, but since it is there in my nature, it happens to me.
    In fact, some people also say that I am like a kid completely, that I cry on small things. But it happens instantly, I don't want to cry at all since I am a big girl. I also cry at some emotional scenes in movies. Crying is in my blood sometimes I feel.

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    What I feel that we should not hold our feelings and let it flow at the time it needed and thus we get lots of relief from that occasion. For example when you are watching a trying scene on the television, you feel yourself in the character and burst into tears on seeing the ordeal being shown there. In that situation being a helpless person you tend to vent your feelings through tears and that are natural. Even during reality shows in between the past lives of the persons are being shown and most of them come from the backward areas with poor tag and how they fought their lives and came to that stage really mesmerises us and we become too emotional on that occasion. Emotions has to be shared and vent and we should not conceal it, otherwise it will bring health disorder of multiple proportion to which we alone would be responsible.
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    Generally, I feel it is better to control our feelings rather than bursting out. I will try to do that. I concentrate more on my thoughts and feelings rather than what others are feeling or what they are doing. I will not show my feelings out easily. I will be trying always to maintain my calm even though another side is doing a lot of noise. After some time the other side also will get calm. After sometime when the situation is calm and quiet, I will tell the other person What is my point of view and I am differing with him.
    But sometimes the behaviour of the other person will be going too high and unbearable. In those situations, I will open up. I will not cry but I will also start reacting to the other person. But if the happenings are not to our liking and something bad is happening I will get emotional but still, I manage to be calm and clear my emotions when I was alone by way of shedding tears or feeling pity for the situation what happened.

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    Even small children try to control their emotional display. However there is a threshold for every one. I think very few can have good control of their feelings and emotions.
    Age, experience, upbringing and conscious training can help us to control our flings and emotions. It is said that our ancient sages and Rishis could totally control their mind by their regular yogic practice and Tapas.

    Personally speaking, I also do no let out my emotions and feelings so freely. I try to control them.But after a threshold, I also lose control and express my emotions.

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    Controlling our emotions, joy,sorrow,grief or anger is important. I've heard elders in our family say 'If you laugh too much you would end up crying'. I think this was more to control our feelings as life would have ups and downs and have a measured response to joy or sorrow. There are many people who are spontaneous and burst into laughter or into tears easily. Some just get very angry quickly with minor provocations. I personally feel too much of anything is not good and we should learn to exercise at least some control in the way we show our response to joy or sorrow or repeated provactions. Our laughter,cry or sadness and anger should be appropriate to the situation instead of going overboard. But, there would be instances wherein I would be cornered and would not be able to take nonsense beyond a point, at such situations, I make my displeasure felt and move away from there before it becomes unpleasant for everyone.

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    Feelings,whatever it's nature, not to be controlled, as advised by doctors. Over excitement after a level of control may lead to heart attack. In my case I am like a mirror. I laugh if you laugh, I cry if you cry and never hit if you hit but broke down. Many time I cried lonely whenever I got insulted by others but never keep vengeance on anybody.

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    I think you mean emotions. You cannot control feelings. Feelings are what you feel inside. Controlling them is harmful and impossible.
    But you can control emotions. Emotions are what the other people see when you feel something. For an instance, when you feel frustrated I can see you're emoting a frown.
    Controlling emotions is rather easy.
    But I won't suggest it either.
    Humans look beautiful because they express.
    Suppressing emotions is suppressing humanity.

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    Controlling emotions in some way is not good unless you are very strong to know how to control it. Controlling emotions is not enough, you need to defuse that emotions after you control it is a big challenge. If you only control and keep it inside you, it will surely affect very badly to our health and one such day it will all come out like how Volcano burst out. So, the best way to defuse it internally after you control and if you can't do that, it is always better to bring it out.

    I am the person who don't try to control my emotions but let it flow.

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