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    Before letting your mind wander, be aware of your surroundings

    It is quite natural to be lost in thoughts. But we should make sure that we are conscious or has full knowledge of our surroundings. Our mind will not bother these, it will just take us into deep thoughts. Finally, we will be stuck with the thoughts and we will end up doing some mistake.

    I was recently taking a bus to home from work and I do not know when I fell into thoughts. I would have missed my stop and would have to walk back again but luckily somehow the driver put a sudden break and that made me come back to reality. Thankfully I could get down at my stop itself. Thereon I am very careful these days. There is no point of physically being present and mentally being somewhere else. Hence before letting your mind wander, be aware of your surroundings.
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    Due to over involvement in studies and work would make us to behave strangely some times are we are lost in to the thoughts of either retrieving some information or recollecting the things which were read or gone through. Recently one of my friend's son who is doing MBA and a ranker always studies in the home and wont mingle with others. He was so committed to his task that he wont waste single minute for pleasantries exchange or to wish others. In the college with his over absent minded attitude, he entered the ladies wash room instead of gents wash room which was situated adjacent block. So such is the situation of absent minded attitude. We should be in sense. We must not mingle work with the studies and we have to deal both of them separately to have peaceful life without any disturbance or others pointing out at our lapses and mistakes.
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    It is impossible to keep our mind focused to a particular surrounding or a place. Many time our minds deviate and attention is not focused .One tends to get absent -minded when he is either stressed or something that is bothering him.
    Again it is necessary to keep our presence of mind especially while working, driving or cooking.many a times while working in the kitchen, we move out and start doing other household chores. Often we forget we have milk boiling ,or something cooking. Sometimes the burning smell awakes our senses and we realize we missed out turning off the burners.
    Proper planning of our schedule will definitely make a person focused and organized.yet our minds are wavery and we get lost somewhere and sometime or the other.

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    That is true. We will be sitting in one place and thinking about something else. We will be reading the book but our mind will be on something else. So we will not understand what is there in the book. Sometimes while I was working on my Laptop or iPod, my wife or my sons will come start telling something. I will be telling yes, but nothing will get into my mind. My wife very well knows this. So she just will switch off my laptop and says, you are sending hours together on that. Stop for a while and hear what we are telling. Then only I will get alert. This happens many times.
    It is always better to be focused on one work at a time and both our thoughts and actions should be focused on the same work only. Then only you can be doing justice to the work you have taken up. Otherwise, the efforts are the waste. you can not yield anything.

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    This happens to many of us, I've missed stops in lifts, sometimes when driving along a very regular route, suddenly you are more alert and realize that you have just passed some distance without even being aware of it. I think, as humans we all think and suddenly a simple thing sets of a train of thought as we drift into our own world,without even being aware of the surroundings. During office hours, there would be times wherein I would be momentarily lost in thought forgetting my colleagues and later would realize that I've missed a little of the discussion. This is one of the reasons where hikers get lost in the trails when they are lost in thought in the calm surroundings and without their knowledge would have drifted off the narrow walk trails and finally get lost. Similarly, when we are in public places, parks, temples or functions we should be aware of what's happening around us, keeping an eye on children and our safety.

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    Absent minded, I had also travelled beyond my stop/station many times. Not due to sleeping, but day-dreaming. Many times in Mumbai local trains, I would realises this only after the trains tarted moving. This happens not just during travel,but even when we are at home or office also.
    Yesterday my son told that he forgot to get down at his usual stop as he was immersed in thoughts, and had to alight at next stop and walk back.

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    Yes. We should not lose sight of our surroundings. It only happens when you're hardly concentrating. Lack of concentration brings many problems.
    Too much focus is even more harmful. So, being alert is the way to evade the shortcomings.
    Being detached to other affairs while working on something is the only method to avoid distractions.

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