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    Cartoons are the real world for kids

    We have all grown up seeing various cartoons. It used to be a real world for all of us. Walt Disney cartoons, Mickey and Miney mouse, Donald Duck, the Pooh bear and its Piglet, Tom and Jerry show and many more.
    It used to be full fun watching these cartoons to pass our time. They used to be the best source of entertainment for all of us.
    Animation has developed with technology in the recent years. There has been the formation of new cartoons, in fact, there are little Indian characters like Chota Bheem, there are animated versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the character of Lord Hanuman, his life is also portrayed in some of the cartoons.
    It is also like a learning experience for kids who are growing up seeing these cartoons as they are gathering knowledge about the Indian culture through these Indian cartoons. Whatever they are getting, at least they are getting a bit.
    Did we ever think how this animated world came into being? How they actually create animations?
    Here is just a little knowledge about it. The very first animated projection was created by a French Science teacher named "Charles Emile Reynaud". It was actually an image of a horse, which they gave multiple projections and looped in different drawings of it to make it an animation. The process that was used for animating this horse is called "Rotoscoping".
    Cartoons are a nice piece of entertainment I think, which gives joy to both the kids and the elders when watched.
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    Nice to know the details. Yes, we all liked or rather still like certain cartoons. My all time favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. I still love watching it. These days kids have lot of cartoons to watch, actually cartoon channels are there. They are blessed.

    Children do learn certain things from these cartoons. Also, it is a technique to make them sit at a place without creating trouble. When kids start going to school, they prefer having bags, boxes, bottles etc with their favorite cartoon characters picture on it.

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    Cartoons are real world not only for the kids but also for the adults and elders. As the children want to view only cartoon channels, the adults are obliged to do so and in the process both the parents and also elders at the home are also started enjoying the nuances in the cartoon character which were interesting and good time pass too. Moreover some morals are being taught through cartoon character which shall be tutorial for the small kids. For me I am the fan of Ton and Jerry and I always think in the shoes of Tom who is always at the receiving end and the Jerry is the winner every time. I have also enjoyed the trains cartoon serials in which various engines stationed at the workshop would talk to each other with same gestures like human beings. Such characters really mesmerise even the adults and those serials were always a pleasure to watch and enjoy.

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    Yes. Animation is very fascinating. And there are different styles of animation. But two types are prominent : sketch type and digital.
    In sketch type, each scene is drawn and then run at different fps speeds.
    In digital animation, the movement is given by various softwares.
    CGI is very popular nowadays.
    I think Walt Disney introduced the world to cartoons for the first time.
    Today imagining a world without toons is impossible.
    But, Indian cartoons are terrible. I always got to learn things from western and eastern cartoons. But Indian cartoons are absolutely junk.

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    Cartoons are very interesting and fun giving. Not only children but also elders will also enjoy these cartoons. We used to watch cartoon network channel when my children are very young. They used to enjoy fun on these channels. We were also enjoying the fun. From this thread, I learned some interesting facts about this cartoons and how they are created. In our childhood days, Ramayana and Mahabharata are shown with the model pictures made of leather on the screen by the people holding them behind the screen and moving them. We used to call them as TOLUBOMMALATA in Telugu. I don't know the equivalent word in Hindi or English for the same. That is also somewhat similar to this show and we used to watch and enjoy that show very much. Now as the animation field is developing more and more techniques are coming and these cartoons are made better.

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    Good information about cartoons. I grew up watching cartoons and still watch whenever time permits. Tom and Jerry are my all time favourites. I think, the concept of cat and mouse game with each one trying to outwit the other is brilliant. To be honest, some of the newer cartoons although high on animation lack the simple innocence and timing of Tom and Jerry. It's wholesome family entertainment and easily can attract the whole family to sit in one place and laugh without needing any serious focus or concentration. Cartoons are also educative to children wherein children enjoy learning via their favourite character. Some cartoon-like Thomas and friends are enjoyable with kids and they do have a simple message about good and bad things that kids can understand easily. I think having seen all these well-developed cartoons and then comparing the popular Indian ones, we do tend to have a bias towards the old English cartoons.

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    Cartoons have a bad impact on children. They bring the children in an imaginary world from the real world. Children start to play just like their favourite cartoon characters. These days children don't focus on eating slowly and patiently, they watch cartoon at the time of taking lunch and dinner.They are developing a habit of not focusing the work properly.Some of the children are facing eyesight problems. When they have time to play outdoor games and taking parts in outdoor activities they stick to the idiot boxes.
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    @Mr. Mohan: I have also enjoyed the trains cartoon serials in which various engines stationed at the workshop would talk to each other with same gestures like human beings. : This is the very famous cartoon of today named as "Bob the Builder"- it is an amazing show too.
    @Dr. Rao : Sir, I searched about the word that you wrote "TOLUBOMMALATA". It is actually the Shadow Puppets show being displayed in Andhra Pradesh. It is actually called "THOLU BOMMALATA" , just an H was missing. This is very famous in our country in the other states of Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu and is called "Shadow puppets." They are flat figures, they are displayed by pressing on the screen with light as you told. That was a nice piece of information, thank you sir.
    @Indu Mam: Cartoons are a piece of entertainment and fun to watch. They will not create a bad impact, it is just that children out of enjoyment would try to imitate the characters. It is the case with every child to eat while watching television, the parents need to keep an eye on this case. Eyesight problems happen when they watch TV sitting very close to it, this idiot box is just playing its role giving entertainment to the people, rest taking care of eyes lies with us. We need to be careful at that point.

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