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    Are we too harsh on doctors?

    Recently we have discussed that doctors are bad, order too many tests, make money out of the suffering of sick people. We have capped their earnings by fixing the charges on heart stents and joint implants. Doctors who made mistakes have been thrown out, being tried in media and in courts. (I'm Not defending doctors)

    Did we or Do we apply the same yardstick to high profile lawyers who defend abusers, rapists make tons of money out of the suffering of victims? Did we do the same for the lawmakers who became lawbreakers,

    Did we do the same for politicians who were masterminds of scam after scam, making money out of poor people's benefit schemes, water and food supply schemes? We have hotels charging Rs 400-500 for a ridiculous cup of coffee? Did we complain or just drink and pay up to maintain our status in the hotel?

    Why do we love to hate doctors so much?
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    For that matter any one who is working against the interest of the public and sees his own welfare are most condemned and people are harsh with them. Be it politician, lawyer, doctor or any other professional. As long as they are reasonable and to which even the public would cooperate, but the trouble starts when they charge exorbitant fees to which they are not eligible. While discharging from the hospital you can find whooping billing in the name specialists which runs into lakhs. Is that mean the so called doctors only earns from that particular patient ? So people vent anger.
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    The doctor is a life saver. So always he should be careful and treat the patient very carefully. Any small mistake in his investigation and diagnosis the patient will be at risk and even may lose his life also. Hence people will have a lot of faith in them. But the moment they lose the faith nobody will come to him for treatment. Hence actions will be a little severe on them.
    Whereas lawyers may lose the case, you may lose some money but not health. If they are successful they get a lot of fees or no fees if they fail. They are already getting the punishment by denial of fees. So there is no further punishment.
    Politicians should get a bigger punishment for not fulfilling the election promises and ignoring the welfare of the voters. But because of some citizens who are getting benefitted from them, that is not happening. Only thing we can do to them is not voting for them in the next elections is the only thing these people can do.

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    Natarajan, I don't think it would be prudent to compare the responsibilities and earnings of a doctor with that of a lawyer or a politician. As Dr Rao has already said, a doctor is responsible for the life of a person and one cannot accept any compromise on the issue. A doctor must not forget the oath he takes and must not go after money at the risk of the life of a person.

    A lawyer is responsible to his client only irrespective of whether it is the victim or the lawbreaker. Since the basic principle of the judicial system is to ensure that no innocent should ever be punished, and also the presumption is that no one is a criminal unless he is found guilty, you cannot say that a lawyer is doing something unethical when he is trying to defend his client.

    Coming to politicians or bureaucrats, it is again a different issue and there are many connected factors but still, corruption of higher degrees have always been caught and have been brought before the law.

    Let us not deny the fact that it is the doctors who are dealing with the human life and so they are expected to be more sincere to their responsibilities to mankind as such. And, I don't think any of us hate doctors as such though they have been subjected to more criticism these days due to the growing awareness among the general public and rise in media activities.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    We are all having certain fixed image or presumptions in our mind on certain matters and certain people.

    We place Doctors, teachers, Spiritual Gurus at a high pedestal than all others. We see them as personifications of virtues like integrity, kindness, fairness, empathy and sympathy, knowledge, sacrifice and selflessness, lack of greed, ability and intention to guide others. Similar respect and position of integrity is given to judicial officers, people holding certain high official posts, age old seniors etc.

    So when some aberration happens from any of them, even inadvertently, people feel betrayed. People become vulnerable and helpless in those situations. That makes them over react emotionally . When the protector himself is suspected to be transgressor, where will the helpless turn for protection?

    Once upon a time our icons and idols were all made of gold. So they did not lose their colour and character.They were unblemished in their conduct and thus were worthy of worship. Slowly these icons also came to be made of glass ,clay and other fake materials as all others are made of. Even a small hit made them crack and crash. The attitude of the worshippers also changed .

    Every section has now some fakes in them. The ordinary are not able to identify the fakes and duplicates. So while the fakes and hoaxes are the real reason,in the absence of proper identification and isolation, people throw stones at the whole group.

    The other groups mentioned in the thread are not seen as unblemished by people. People associate and expect many negatives with them. They are not given an automatic respect and regard by people.

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    I am glad that almost all of the replies have focused on the unique fact that medical profession deals with human lives and is a different league. Venkiteswaran sir has touched upon important facts - there are a few bad apples in each profession and because of them, the entire group suffers the damage.

    The nobility of the medical profession changed when money and profit making angles were introduced into healthcare. Both sides have changed, it would take some time and lots of sincere efforts for this perception to change.

    Erring doctors and corporates running the hospital unethically should be held accountable, similarly people who attack doctors physically without knowing all the facts also should be held responsible. This would benefit the true members on both sides as we are dependent on the doctors for our health and in turn the doctors are dependent on us for their livelihood.

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    Gone are the days when the doctors, lawyers and teachers had high respect. In this present kaliyug, everything turned fake. Looting doctors, lying lawyers, half baked teachers, corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen are the order of the day. The rich tolerates and manipulates to live, but the middle and poor suffers, and continues to suffer forever and chooses the path to death.
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