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    The enraged ‘çobra’ struck again in 1999

    In 1987, he was in Sri Lanka as a member of IPKF. He had been working a personal bodyguard of an Indian General. One day while he was sitting in an open jeep, a LTTE terrorist threw a grenade at the jeep. He caught it and threw it back to the terrorist. The terrorist died due to grenade explosion; his head was blown off into pieces. After that incident, he was nick-named 'cobra' by his colleagues.

    June 1999. The 'cobra' was a member of the commando team of 2 Rajputana Rifles. The team was tasked to recapture Point 4590 at Tololing. The team was personally briefed by the then General VP Malik due to the importance of this task. The cobra promised General Malik that he would hoist Indian Tri-colour at the top of Point 4590.

    The commando team comprising Major Vivek Gupta, Subdedar Bhanwar Lal Bhakar, Lance Naik Jasvir Singh, Naik Surendra, Naik Chaman Singh Tewatia and other ORs. The 'cobra' was the commander of the LMG group of the team.

    The team moved upwards for sixteen hours and came in contact with the enemy. The enemy was in a well-entrenched position in eleven bunkers. UMG, HMG and MMGs were kept at strategic positions. Pakistani machineguns started firing. Subedar Bhanwar Lal, Lance Naik Jasvir, Naik Surendra and Naik Tewatia died.

    He got injured. He received his first bullet in his arm. Unmindful of his injury, he went on firing. He destroyed the first of the eleven enemy bunkers with a grenade. The do-or-die fighting continued near a cliff. Major Vivek Gupta, the leader of the team was also martyred. The 'cobra' finished his ammunition.

    He took out his pistol and started hurling grenades. He threw eighteen grenades in eleven bunkers. He led the remaining soldiers. 'The 'cobra' received three bullet wounds and eighteen bullets in his bullet-proof jacket.

    Incredibly, the enraged 'çobra' killed 48 enemy-soldiers including Pakistani Major Anwar Khan on the night of 13th June, 1999. When all the bullets of his pistol were exhausted, he killed Khan with his bare hands.

    He himself destroyed the last enemy bunker and was the first to reach Point 4590. He fulfilled his promise. He hoisted Indian Tri-colour and only then he fell unconscious. His colleagues brought him back in critically wounded condition.

    Naik Digendra Kumar, nicknamed 'cobra' of 2 Rajputana Rifles, was awarded Maha Vir Chakra for his gallantry and bravery on 13th June, 1999. He killed 48 enemy-soldiers and survived 21 bullets in his body to hoist Indian Flag over Point 4590.
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    Great submission from the author as we could able to know the courage and gallantry acts of Naik Digendra Kumar, nicknamed 'cobra' of 2 Rajputana Rifles. Such submissions must be in article form.
    K Mohan
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    Good to read such real-life stories of bravery of our Indian soldiers in the war front. Great to know about Naik Digendra Kumar, the Cobra from Indian Army.
    No life without Sun

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    A very good narration of an actual happening. I am much thrilled to know the brave actions of the brave Naik Digendra Kumar, nicknamed 'cobra' of 2 Rajputana Rifles. His brave fighting skills are very thrilling. He never bothered about his life also and fulfilled the oath given to his boss and was the first to reach Point 4590. He fulfilled his promise. He hoisted Indian Tri-colour at point 4590. Maha Vir Chakra got honoured by getting awarded to this brave soldier who made India proud of his brave actions. My salutations to this brave leader.
    always confident

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    Our respectful salutations to this Indian Hero who has the Army attitude of 'Never Retreat Back'and has survived after incredibly killing 48 enemy soldiers and hoisting the Indian tri-color despite being mortally wounded. Hat's off to such courageous people of the country.

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    OMG! Mr. Natarajan, Naik Digendra Kumar did survive the fateful night of 13th June, 1999. He ditched death on that night. He retired from Army in 2005 and has a son and a daughter. His son is a national-level basketball player and his daughter is a national-level kabadi player.
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    Thanks Mr. Partha, he fell unconscious.. and the last para was misunderstood. I'm glad that this Mr.Naik Digendra Kumar is alive.

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    "..and survived 21 bullets in his body to hoist Indian Flag over Point 4590.". Only with horripilation could I read the part. My Salutes to such brave heroes of Indian Army and other Armed Forces. This brave son of Mother India should be an icon to all patriotic people of this nation.

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