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    Dig a well continuously at one place, you will surely get water

    Is it necessary to do too many things at one go, without focusing on a single task till it is successfully done? This is the message brought out in the interesting analogy of this thread.

    I remember reading a story in one of the comics during my childhood in which a man in search of water starts digging a well and after some digging, he finds no water. He gets impatient and frustrated and then shifts to new digging location, where the same thing happens. Similarly, he tries out digging in five different locations but he still does not get water at any of the places. He gets tired, sad and depressed. A learned man passing by tells him that if he had dug for the same depth at one place instead of five different places, it would have been sufficient to reach water.

    We try to do so many things in life. Sometimes we want to do this, sometimes we want to do that. Sometimes we are attracted to attempt everything but many of our attempts tend to be half-hearted ones and ultimately we get demoralized, stop and fail. Essence of life lies in attempting those few things which you feel you are interested and you can take it to the end. True that this is the age of multitasking and sometimes we need to do many things together which is perfectly fine if it is a need of the hour. But what does not make sense is trying everything out just for the sake of doing without seriousness. Sometimes we see others doing many things and feel we should not be left back and start doing the same but seldom we continue it to the end. At times it is merely a matter of satisfaction for our inner self that we are doing so many things together. It is like being "Jack of all trades but master of none." So let us deep dive into our inner conscience and find out what is it that we really love to do and then start the journey towards achieving it and keep working till it is achieved.

    So the summary is that no harm in trying different things if the situation demands but there should be at least one among those things which you are passionate about and which you will dig incessantly till the last depth to ultimately reach success.
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    A very nice thread. When you start a work you should see that you will complete the work and you will be successful. Starting a work and leaving them in between and going for another work is not for a man who is having the desire for completing the work.There are three types of people which were described in Mahabharat. The lowest type people are who will not start a work with a fear of not able to complete. The second type is middle type people who will start the work and leave the work halfway as they are not able to complete that. The best type of people is those who will see that they will complete the work whatever they have started eventhough it is very hard. Always we should try to be the best people. The person who started the work might have continued the work in the same spot he might have got the water. So pursue the work in a way you thought by overcoming the obstacles you will be successful is the moral of the story.
    always confident

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    The inner meaning of this saying is to emphasis e dedicated and focused work till we reach our goal.

    We need not stick to the literal meaning much. In the case of well digging, if the place below does not have the underwater table and has only rocks, then the digging effort will be just wasted. Not just effort but planning is also equally important in a task. In villagers people use'water diviners' to find the right location for digging well. In modern days soil experts are there to tell correctly where we will get copious water.

    We should use technology, smart planning and labour and resource saving methods also in a task so that the task will be completed with ease and optimum use of labour and resources. Otherwise if you dig like that instead of getting water at one hundred feet it may take you one thousand feet to locate water, That also may not be a copious supply.

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    Nice reminder of the moral story we've heard in our early days. Many a times we start to pursue something in life with enthusiasm, then when we hit an obstacle or when the initial shine wears off, we are tempted to look for something else and this can keep repeating often. For instance people close to completing their graduation, because of lack or opportunities, choose a different field or an add on degree that is not in sync with their primary one. Then their earlier efforts although not a waste, becomes underused.In pursue our career ambitions or even a hobby, we need to be focused so that we don't get distracted and lose sight of the task in hand. I think when we hit an obstacle, that is the golden opportunity given to us to reassess the task and its related facts (we are often not in full possession of key facts when we start), then make a realistic decision to pursue or to change.

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    This thread reminds me a story I read in my school days. I don' t recollect it completely. However it goes like this.
    One Brahmin used to pray and do archana to different Vigrahas representing different Moorthys. Another man in that locality watched this. One day when the Brahmin started his prays and archanas he started digging a hole in the ground. After a little while he moved to another place and started to dig. By that time the Brahmin had moved to the second Moorthy. Like this when the Brahmin move from one to the other Moorthy this man also changed his place of digging.
    Seeing this man"s job Brahmin asked him why he was digging like this and also added by this time if he had dug in the same place he could have got water. To this that gentleman replied if you (Brahmin) had worshipped the same God all these time instead of moving from God to God he could have the blessings from that God. (that God would have appeared before him in person!). I think this story is related to the famous mythology of "Parayi Petta panthirukulam" -- the 12 kulams - castes- given birth by a backward woman, who got married to a Brahmin.


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    I agree with Venkiteswaran sir that we need not take the story and the moral in its literal sense. I think it says that we need to be clear about ourselves and our ideas, and should be dedicated and must concentrate on what we want to achieve and must work hard towards achieving that goal. There is nothing wrong with changing your idea or looking for a different area of interest once you are sure that there is no point in pursuing your earlier plan due to reasons which may vary. But once you are sure, you must work wholeheartedly without succumbing to distractions of any nature and the results will definitely be positive.
    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    The story is well narrated in the Malayalam book "Aithihya maala' in a chapter /story related to one of the 'Pandirululam' member. I had also quoted the story in some of my forum posts.

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    This may be a good moral story to make us known that keep trying and keep on trying would get us the success ultimately. But contrary to this one of my neighbour went for the bore well and he gone up to 1200 feet depth, but not a single trace of water. He was being perused by every one to go on try deeper but he spent money and did not get the water. He lost heavily on the bore well. Initially he thought of trying 300 feet as every one in the colony got the water at that depth. But on the consistent advise from the members of the colony, he was going on trying for another 800 feet depth but could not find water. What the proverb holds good here ?
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    As rightly said by Saji sir and Venkiteswaran sir literal meaning of the title should not be interpreted as it is not the intent of this thread. Getting water will digging will depend on number of factors like water table, ground condition etc. Even when we say keep trying something which you like it should not be a blind try. Intelligent analysis is required before starting a work as to what are the chances of success and is it worth trying so that we do not waste our time and effort unnecessarily.

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    A very nice thread. That is true, we try out a lot of things. Even try to do multi-tasking. But, if we leave it in between, we cannot get through it. We need to complete it, make a great effort to be the best in the field which is of our interest. When we do something out of our interest, we performed it nicely and get involved in it. So, always focus on things which interest you, it will take you a long way.
    Just the thing to keep in mind is not losing hope.

    Do what inspires you !!

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