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    A very noble and rare gesture from a politician

    This news came like a whiff of fresh air. Initially I didn't believe it, but later I was sure about the authenticity. Last week the wedding of the son of Sushil Kumar Modi, the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, was held. The ceremony was held without usual pomp and show associated with such marriages. There was no 'band-baaja' in the marriage, only 'baraat' was there.

    But more important is that during the marriage, around 350 invitees 350 people took pledge to get married or marry their offsprings without giving or taking any dowry. Not only that, there were two kiosks of 'Dadhichi Deh Daan Samiti' (a body and organ donation organisation), which witnessed 150 people signing undertakings for donating organs after their death.

    Last but not the least, the guests were offered tea and served packets containing four Naivedya laddoos (generally known as Tirupati laddoo) with 'Swachch Bharat' slogan written on the packets. The guests were requested to throw the empty packets in dustbins.

    I am deeply impressed by this simple marriage ceremony with excellent social message. My congratulations to the newly-wed couple.
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    Now a days people are getting more matured in terms of spending hugely on marriage and they want to keep the function as simple as possible. And this one being a political function of arranged marriages, the out come was on expected lines. But what amused me that the new weds were volunteered to sign the organ donation pledge for donating their organs after death. On the day of marriage , when they thought of death, that is the great thinking on their part and hats off to Dy CM of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi for thinking differently out of box. Such new thinking is always welcome.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Mr. Mohan: Most humbly I request you to read the thread little bit carefully.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A very good initiative from a big man. These days everybody wants to show their richness in the functions they conduct. Even a small function like the first birthday also being celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. I appreciate the gesture. Another important thing is 350 cases denying to accept dowry. I feel this is really a good gesture. Swatchbharta initiative propagation is also very good to note. We should welcome more and more such functions which give a message to all. I thank the author for making a post on that so that all members of ISC also will know.
    always confident

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    Yes, I had to read it twice. A high profile wedding with such simplicity is truly a welcome news, when we are used to extravagant lavish weddings. What is more laudable is the focus on organ donation, anti-dowry and cleanliness program. I hope others follow this example,

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    Yes, Dy CM of Bihar has taken a great step in the wedding of his son. Mr Sushil Kumar Dy CM of Bihar is a man of morals. He maintains good relations with his counterparts also. He has great patience and he is bold enough in facing the challenges of Bihar. He invited the general public by electronic media but directing them not to bring any gift, only attend the function to give their blessings and informed them there is not an arrangement of any feast. What a good person he is.He has given a good lesson to the society.
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