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    Imagine if every Individual was connected with Internet for free in rural and urban areas ?

    In the near future , the Central government with the help of state governments want to bring Internet for free in rural and urban areas and there wont be private operators. By doing this government would have full control over the Internet usage by every Individual. Moreover the future is going to be digital transfer of money, may be for this reason government want to have a vigil on our usage and also have a tow on unsocial elements using Internet for terror funding. How you see this. Will there be privacy for us ?
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    It will be very nice if it happens. If it is free internet we will save some money also. If it is government operated we have to see how they will manage. Presently the connectivity of BSNL is not that good and people are opting for private operators instead of BSNL. If this point is taken care we will have good connectivity and we can do more and more digital transactions. Cash dealings will come down. Old people staying in villages need not worry about going to the bank and they can operate from house. They can also talk to their children and grandchildren staying abroad without any hassles. This is a welcome issue and we have to wait and see how fast this will get realised.
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    Free internet for all around the world was in the news earlier, don't know the authenticity of this. For India, it would mean better reach to all, particularly the rural areas for news dissemination and updates from the government. Sometime back there was a thread about the author's son helping people at banks, similarly, the elders or adults in rural areas would need the help of family members to do financial transactions on their mobiles. The biggest benefit would be to help the rural children learn via classroom telecasts, this can be formal or informal education. We could connect rural hospitals with centres of excellence to provide advise on difficult cases. People can stay in touch easily with their loved one living far off. Many rural youngsters can get vocational training support from nodal agencies via the net and rural governance can potential be streamlined.

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    Our PM Modi is technical savvy person and knows the important of reaching people faster and sure through internet and thus it will happen.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    How will it be possible? Our country is facing a lot of problems, The problems of removing poverty, controlling population, providing education, creating job sectors for young ones. There is a great difference in the work of Public Sector and Govt Sector. The facilities which we avail through Public or Private Sector is more maintained than Govt. Sector.In Govt Sector employees do not take interest immediately on the complaints of the customers. The junior employees ignore their seniors. In Public sector, they do n't dare to ignore. If internet facilities are made available it is difficult to maintain it. The Govt is unable to provide electricity in all the villages of India. It has given the task in the hand of Public Sector. In my native village electricity is provided by Reliance Industry these days. The village was electrified in 1960, but it was n't maintained by the concerned department.
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    This government has the guts and will power to do new things and this can also be possible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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