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    A small request to the Concerned Editor.

    These days the postings in Ask Expert section are being cleared on the same or maximum the next day. There is no delay in clearing the answers. Sometimes within an hour or so, answers are verified and a decision is being taken. My sincere thanks for that and my appreciations for the same.
    One question on 24th November was posted.I have replied that. But that answer was still waiting for Editor's clearance. The title of the question is "Football joining academy trials updates in Mumbai". The answers posted after that and even answers posted today are also cleared. Most probably the question and two answers given by two authors missed the attention. This is just a very humble request to look into that take a decision. Inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.
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    I have also noted that nowadays the answers are checked and points+cash credit are assigned very quickly. Thanks to the newly appointed Lead Editor and other Editors of the Ask Expert section for this improvement.
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    Must applaud the quick turn around time for ask the experts replies. Dr.Rao, I think the replies maybe before the question was shifted to ATE section, anyway that was my reasoning and I left it at that.

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    Dr Rao, as has been suggested on earlier occasions too, it would be easier for the editors to respond to a query if the URL of the particular post about which a query is raised is also mentioned. I think the point by Natarajan that your answer must have been posted before the query was shifted could be the likely reason for the same not having been reviewed. Anyway, your point is being put up to the section editors to check it out. Please wait for a response.
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    We have approved the answers now. It sometimes happens that an Editor who is not sure of the answers can simply "skip" them without carrying out the Edits and it goes hidden for other Editors until he presses the 'Clear skip' button.

    Thank you for prompting us to do the needful.


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    Thanks to Jagadish Patro and team for promptly approving the particular ask the expert question & response.

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    Really happy to note that Dr. Rao's genuine concern has been sorted out so promptly by the alert Lead Editor of AE Section, Mr. Jagdish Patro.

    I hope my concern relating to 'Information Update' is sorted out similarly.

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    Thank you Jagadish Patro for your prompt action. Expecting that it had missed the attention I have raised this thread. I appreciate the editors for their attitude in addressing the issue.
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