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    I fought back with uttering the words Satyamev Jayate.

    The path of truth is painful, it's insulting too sometimes, it tears you into pieces, and it may take your confidence away that you may not overcome so easily. It makes you alone and it may make you villain.

    However, there is exception in everything.

    If you know to fight for yourself and have never say die attitude, no one in this world have "power" to stop you. Yes, for sometime you may be in dark, people who do not like you, try every possible way to malign you. But, if you are true to yourself and your character is not "fake" like some of people in this world. And, if you have one face and not two to show to this world, you will always overcome any situation with holding your "head high".

    I know, some people will feel "sad" to see me back and some may feel "insecure". Some may try again to stab me on my back and some may just smile to welcome me back because only those who knows about my actual truth. Whatever, it may be I am not afraid to face anything comes on my way.

    So, the game is once again ON.
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    I welcome back Mr. Jeets in ISC. Surely all Members will be very happy by your return.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Welcome back Mr. Jeets, last time if I am not wrong we heard from you when it was raining heavily in Mumbai, we haven't heard from you since then. I had often wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you back.

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    Welcome, Jeets.

    In case one feels that he is right and justified and complies the normal etiquette and courtesies, then one need not bother how others feel about him. We cannot get the acceptance from the whole world. As you say, " some people will feel "sad" ......... some may feel "insecure". Some may try again to stab me on my back and some may just smile to welcome me back because only those who knows about my actual truth. ". Each one also has his/her liberty to feel and believe. Let it be so and allow it to be so.

    Hope to see more of your good quality contributions.

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    I agree with you. If we are true to ourselves we need not worry about others and what they are thinking about us. If they try to mislead us also we need not change. With this few words I will welcome you back to ISC and I hope we all will have good times here
    always confident

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    Happy to see an ISCian back home to give his best to ISC. Hope to see your best contributions. Let us enjoy our life at ISC. No sad or insecure or bad feelings. All will be well.
    No life without Sun

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    Having read the thread and the replies, it sounds like the difficult times we face in life are the very things that make us more stronger and more wiser. Welcome back.

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    Welcome back Jeets Sir. Nice to see you back here on the ISC forum.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Partha, nice to see your first reply to me which came within few minutes of my post. I don't know about others but I am happy to return here back.

    Neethu, thanks that new member like you remember me. Now, I am back, you all will keep hearing from me in forum.

    Mr. Venkiteswaran, we should be or must be bother about our surrounding and others if any misguiding messages are thrown out with just "half truth" knowledge. Only personal feeling and thinking will not take anyone anywhere, one need to have strong back support of what he/she is talking. One must have guts to defend himself/herself if any question is thrown out at him/her that too with evidence. It is always easy to say that "one need not bother about others" but practically it is just not so easy. Of course, each one has his/her liberty of their opinion but it hurts and anger me when something is said on behind me , behind my absent that too from people who are better knowledgeable and having "depth of knowledge" just to misguide people about my character.

    Thanks Mr. Rao, we will have good time here.

    Sun, I not only know to play Violin but some more musical instruments too. And I will play both sorrowful and sweet notes for you as per your taste.

    Natarajan and Pooja, thank you for welcoming me.

    Last but not least, Thank you Mr. Webmaster Tony, who patiently heard my problems and issues, who had listen my arguments on that basis he agreed to allowed me. He too could have become silent and deaf, but I am glad that I am back with BANG again.

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    Kindly play only sweet notes and avoid playing sorrowful notes at ISC. I will accept you as my music director when I make a film where both sweet and sorrowful notes will be required.

    Let us continue our ISC journey with happy notes only.

    No life without Sun

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    Welcome back. You are a true fighter and surely the truth has prevailed and you are once more amidst us. I feel elated over your presence because being with peer group is great feeling.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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