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    What is it in a profile name , and how you take it?

    (This thread is purely for the academic curiosity only and no offence is meant to anyone. The name mentioned or referred contextually is taken only to help illustration of the matter of discussion.)

    Today, just by chance, I came to see this thread. One particular line in that thread which mentioned two names having first part same but second part different. The author claimed that the two are different persons -one male and the other female. Though the thread context was different, it caught my attention.

    My curiosity made me to go for some research in the archives of ISC pages. But what I inferred from the search is that it is one and same person; only one membership and the profile name has been changed for some reason. This I say because I found that a backward search taking me to same profile.

    This once again validates the guideline to address members by their profile name. In my memory, I can recall only two instances where the profile name has been changed. One is still an active member. Then there was another instance when the spouse was allowed to substitute with the membership for valid reasons.(I do not exactly recall the profile name).
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    It is better you say that to address others by profile. One person can't have two accounts. Then how I person is having two accounts. I am not very clear. The thread connection you have given is also not getting opened.
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    Profile name is just a reference identity for the site. It doesn't necessarily need be true or indicates indirectly or directly the true age and true gender. As far as I know, in sites like these, one person can have one identity. I'm not sure, like emails (we often have more than one) whether we can have two accounts in ISC. I'm sure the editors will mention the details. It's formal to address people by the profile name.

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    Profile name is the only right way to address any member here, that is what I also feel.
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