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    What is the Impact of ISC on yourself and your demeanor?

    Almost daily we all interact on this fantastic site, contributing, sharing views and learning new things. Anything we do is assessed right from a school child taking his exams to adults working in offices. Similarly, in our lives, we are assessed by people around us based on how we interact with them and how our outlook is in general.

    At an individual level, how has ISC influenced us? For me, ISC has been a great come by, I love the forum, where I've learned how people think about an issue, how to present an issue, how to discuss. I also have gained knowledge from replies to a thread that is profound with experiences in real life.

    It has enabled me to listen to other's view in real life before I can phrase an answer. It has enabled me to accept and respect what others feel and present my views or counterviews much more clearly. I'm more comfortable walking away from a meeting or unpleasant situation without getting annoyed.

    It has enabled me to spend time more meaningfully over the last few months, improved my creative/writing skills and last but not the least, ISC is paying me for all this.

    Members, please share your thoughts.
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    I am polite but I cannot talk with elders right. I sound a bit crude and offending to them.
    Here, I learnt how to converse and even debate alongside elders.
    And I don't speak a lot. I'm reserved. But after joining ISC I feel like I can talk a lot now.
    The writing skills have improved a great deal too.
    I feel confident and updated with news daily.
    I'm confident and vigil now.
    Thanks ISC.

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    Eventhough I cannot quantify as to how much impact is there, I can definitely say that I have gained much.
    There are people from all ages,fields and careers in ISC. Each one has got some special knowledge or expertise in one or more area.
    I get new inputs from many areas by reading various posts and articles. In AE section also I come to know new things from the various questions and answers on matters in which I do not have knowledge.

    There are members who had travelled widely and the mention of their experience enriches our knowledge. I can use the information I gain from ISC in my conversations or interactions with people. Other than this, I do no think or rather no aware of any impact of ISC on my demeanour or external behaviour.

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    A very nice impact and a learning experience I must say. ISC has encouraged me to write more, to share my thoughts more. Learning from so knowledgeable people here. It is nice to log in every day, read some very good comments of all the authors here. Get more and more knowledge on daily basis.
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    ISC has helped me improve my writing skills. It taught me to think differently and to be observant of my surroundings. I could learn from ISC and it is an awesome platform to share my views and opinions. I no more have to hold on to my opinions, I can always share it with members through forun.
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    For me ISC is the learning temple of excellence and I am primary student here. Why I am saying primary student because, there are talented, multifaceted and more qualified people as my co members are contributing here with great interest and I am hugely benefited. I am getting my dose of food for thought every day for free and why should I feel low than others. In fact I get mad when my internet connection is off or computer gets into repair mode and I am not with the site early morning. Since more than eight years my association with this site cannot be mentioned in writing nor in emotions. And what I like most is that my way of thinking has been authenticated and agreed by many members and that itself testifies that I am on the right track of contributing to their level of understanding the matter and issues of great importance. And new members are treasure to this site as myself and others are learning greatly from them.
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    It is true. I am also spending reasonable time on this site. I feel l am able to write so eEnglish with whatever I learned from this site in the lost few months. Sometimes I laugh , sometimes I seriously think and sometimesI ignore after reading these threads and the responses. I am getting a lot of understanding about many issues related to the politics,history and general issues. Sometimes I think that I missed a lot by not nworking on this site earlier days. In fact I feel I am not coming up to my expectations. Still I have to cope up with other people. I feel whatever time I am spending on this site it is a very good productive. But I have hear from my family many times that I am becoming addicted to this and I am neglecting them. I have to make a balance. I am thinking how to do it. Whatever it is our journey on this site is very interactive and useful. Many educated and knowledgable people are sharing their views which are very educative for a person like me. I hope by continuing my journey here I may become a better person with more understanding .

    always confident

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