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    Why always outperforming; what is the problem if we stay average?

    Is it always necessary to be the best & outperform others? Can we not accept being average? Your thoughts can be shared here...

    Human nature is about always trying to have the best. Seeking the best in everything makes them to maybe spend more, efforts have to be applied more, stress more, and at the end heavy pressure.

    I am not saying that one should not be best. We should always try and perform really good every day, be it in studies or job. But in the race of being the topmost person, there are some people, who work hard, but they cannot get through and they remain as average. Although such people would have equal or even more knowledge than the topper one, it is just that they are not able to show up their scores. Even in workplaces, everybody works their best, but few employees are selected for promotion or increments, whatsoever may be the reasons. And what happened at the end, some of them might be called as average and not the best. What could be coming to their mind at the same point in time? They must be thinking "Why we did not perform best or why we did not get the reward"?

    My question is why creating differences by repeatedly saying one person outperformed and the other did not do it? It affects the other person sometimes deeply. People who are at the top will get special attention and those who are average will be sometimes disregarded. Sometimes parents force their kids to top the class always, this makes the kids be under pressure to be at that position. Understanding a child's capability is very important, do not force them, everybody has their own choices, they will always do good in that.

    I just mean to say that everybody has their own importance and capability. We should see all with equal eyes. Being the best is not necessarily good. It is too a lovely experience to remain entirely average and normal person and enjoy the moments.

    We do not have to make life a stress but a memorable book which we would love to read, so think it that way and stay happy!
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    Sure. Being an average is super-relieving.
    No big ambitions. No distress.
    Unlike those ambitious few, who would give up their everything to just be successful.
    But, there are literally 7 billion humans on this planet, with most of them being average.
    Then your aura will be muffled by the millions.
    World would not look back twice at you.
    Evolving is natural. If you can't be best, strive to be.
    There are only two kinds of people who are the best : 1. The talented, 2. The hard-working.
    Even if you're devoid of such talent, work very hard. Yet you don't succeed, you've chosen a wrong field. You cannot grow mangoes in a desert.
    In the similar way putting efforts in a wrong field is futile.
    If you're not succeeding even after toiling , change the field. Everyone can be the best.
    They have just chosen wrong fields.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Everyone can't be on the top. Where you are and how you are depends mainly on your efforts and your involvement. We need not worry that somebody is outperforming us as long as we are happy. I always feel that we need not think about others. Our ultimate aim should be the happiness. Unnecessarily running without happiness and forgetting family life is a waste. Ultimately whatever due to us will come to us.Let us say it is our fate or destiny. But in this world it has become a practice to grade people starting from primary education and creating a type of competition starts from there it self. It is actually to motivate the persons to d their best. This grading is always required in jobs as we go higher in the ladder the path will be narrow and only we are fast can climb fast. But we need not worry about others and be content with what you are getting and that will give you happiness.
    always confident

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    By the term average, means we are looked as the second options than to the performers. In any school, college or for that matter even in office, performers get the welcome and average persons are not even consulted or cared during decision making process or introducing in new scheme in the office. And in the absence of Management, the performer in the office is given the rights to run the office and he shall be harsh on average employees. More over average persons are given chance to improve, but if they still stay in the same slot, then management shall undermine him and that is happening every where.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @Aditya: I understand it is not important for one to be the best, it could be related to choosing the wrong field. But my thought is being average is actually a matter of peace than being at the top. We do not need to be on top also to prove ourselves. We can possess the same knowledge and be normal.
    @Rao Sir: Right, it is not needed to be always trying to be the best like others, we need to accept our own significance.
    @Mohan sir: I would not say being an average is the second option, but yes it almost can be called a synonym that would define being normal. So, in any sense will create a difference.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    On a more general note, there will be an outperformer above us and an underperformer below us. Many things in life don't work on an all or none principle. All cannot be star performers and all cannot be the worst performer. The bulk would be average, with few scattered on either side of them.
    Often star performers are rewarded or appreciated in the genuine hope that the others will hope and improve themselves with a desire to become a star themselves. This should motivate and infuse a dose of healthy competition and make one ambitious to perform better at school, work, sports, and life in general.
    There is nothing wrong with being average, as long as we don't get complacent and laid back in life. We need a drive, a positive streak to do well, improve ourselves and take the opportunities.Life has its own ups and downs, there are different paths we take in life from start to end, some sprint along, some jog along, some walk along and yet some just amble along the way. To me, it's immaterial what you choose but be happy and chase your dreams.

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    Outperforming requires adrenaline rush. It requires stimulation of body and mind. It is not always possible to outperform continuously. The effort may also harm ourselves.

    So, the better option is to make our average performance so high to make others wonder. Let us take cricket for example. Sir Donald Bradman could not score century/double century in every inning. But his average score in Test cricket was such (99.94) that other players' best performance could not always reach his average performance.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    One of my teachers in college used to tell us privately that 'With a first class academic record, you can have a third class living". Recently my son also asked me the same question:why should be excel always? We have to enjoy our life. In fact I could not answer him convincingly, because I myself am not convinced.May of my classmates and colleagues who did not excel in their studies or in their jobs are very happily living with big mansion, owning a few vehicles, having a steady income and investment on varied assets, being prominent and popular in the local circle etc.

    But still, brought up in the earlier generation style, I stand in support of aiming for excellence. Moreover I believe that only extra performance in academics has got me my job(s). As I did not keep a very high ambition, I consciously restricted or maintained my career performance to above average level and not to excellent level. But still did better than many. Hence my career also reached only that level. The decision to restrict was taken in order to have a normal personal life also.

    However w cannot have all people perform at low level. If so we would not have got the modern comforts of life. It is due to the out performance and hard working of many that we have all the convenient gadgets, facilities and inventions, healthcare, leisure etc.
    It is because a few outperforming and many performing much higher than the average that we have reached Moon and aiming at Mars.

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