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    Are the girls only entitled to cook?

    Cooking is most of the times an interest for ladies if I say. Some guys would also love cooking but they would often do it.
    I feel like girls have been given the special authority of cooking. I do not understand why?
    When a girl is small, she would be asked to help her mother, she does it nicely. She is always being told, "It will help you, dear when you grow up" and the parents smile saying this. This fact is been made very clear to all the girls.
    Although parents will not force her to cook, she will have this thought in mind, that, I need to learn how to cook, it is important for survival. She will think "When I will get married, my in-laws will have expectations from me, how will I be able to cook? If I don't do it at home." So many thoughts from here to there.

    I always had this question in mind, why only we girls, why can't boys cook? Why cannot they also sometimes consider it as their responsibility?
    What are your opinions on this?
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    The answer is quite simple - because men have their jobs. Women predominantly were housewives in past. So their job was to cook while their man was away. This doesn't mean men can't cook.
    Look at MasterChefs. Most of them are men.
    While men have cooking as a hobby, women have cooking as a habit.

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    I think it should be a equal distribution of responsibilities rather than who is doing what. If the wife stays at home, then she can take the responsibility for cooking, if the man is the one staying at home and the wife works outside, the man can take responsiblity of cooking. The working person can cook on weekends.
    If both are working and both come in evening then both should cook or take the responsibility alternatively. If one has a job where they are at home much early than the other partner, the one coming early can take the cooking responsibility.
    I am right now living as a bachelor. Though we have a cook right now, earlier we boys used to cook during the evening.

    Not only in cooking, both partners should have an equal distribution of responsibilities in the house be it taking care of children, shopping for groceries, house cleaning and everything else.

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    Pooja, what you said is not generally applicable in the present scenario. As Aditya said, girls were made to learn cooking and other household chores in the earlier days because that was a time when it was men who used to go for work and women used to be at home looking after the house. Things are different now. We have both men and women working and so the responsibilities connected to homemaking are shared by both. Let there be no competition in that regard; sharing can bring in happiness. There is no hard and fast rule that only girls must learn to cook (but there is neither any hard and fast rule that boys also must learn to cook); a majority of the renowned chefs worldwide are men.
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    Girls are privileged to learn art of cooking.
    Is kitchen a women's domain? Many of you may not agree.
    I do not know cooking. I can make tea but no one enjoys my tea!

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    In general, men are the best cooks, and the cooking profession is for men only. Men are cooks of large quantity, while ladies are for small quantity. Men are for hotels and functions, and women are for home. King Nal is a renowned best cook.
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    You can heck out these two earlier interesting discussions which are related to your query: Men are good cooks . Do you agree? and Who are the best cooks, men or women?.

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    Infants,elders and sick need tender home care. Women are traditionally home keepers as the hunting and fighting enemies and wild animals need going far in the wild and under different weather conditions. So for reasons of security, strength and stamina women stayed at home caring the young ones,feeding them when they are hungry and caring them when sick. Women know the food needs and tastes of their children. Their first priority will be to see that their children are fed well. They give the same priority to their husbands and the elders in the family. Thus it automatically evolved that women solely take care of cooking and food preparation. It stayed as a tradition. So in a family it is mostly the women who cook food.
    However when food is to be cooked for large number of people, even now it is only men who are cooks. Till now cooks or chefs in hotels were only men.

    As written in the response of some similar threads,Nala and Bhima were expert and famous cooks as per Epics.
    Now a days, periodically families take food outside as a routine schedule or for a change and enjoy hotel food, cooked by men.

    Earlier in home science colleges the girls students were taught that 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' . So girls learned cooking with a passion also.

    Now a days some mothers/ girls really take pride in saying,"My daughter/I visit kitchen only to ea something". They are proud to tell the prospective groom that the girl does not know cooking; so if the husband wants homemade food he should cook.

    So the author need not feel worried whether only girls are entitled to cook.

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    Traditionally women look after the household and men go out to earn money. As cooking was a main household activity it was naturally the working area of woman.

    With time these definitions started changing and women started to do jobs and became the earning member and naturally with it their work responsibilities in the house are to be partially shared by other members.

    Cooking being a main chorus also requires sharing and to that extent we should not expect that only girls should cook.

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    Nowadays both men and women have jobs and it will not be correct to say the only the girls are entitled to do the cooking. Present day both need to share the responsibility of the house. Since both are bread earning members there is no harm in accepting the fact that men too can enter the kitchen.
    It is the saying of the past, The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This does not imply in the modern situation.
    I feel there is no harm for men to enter and cook for the family. In fact not only cooking, other household chores should also be divided among family members.
    Men too are great cooks. Mughals had an army of cooks who made mughlai delicacies. The cooks were called bawarchis or khansamas.All big hotels and restaurants have men as cooks.
    Although household cooking and cooking in hotels can't be compared. One thing is for sure the woman cook with love and grace.

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    Thanks, Ms. Vandana I will read both the links to have my cooking issues resolved.
    @Mr. Neeraj: "Girls are privileged to learn the art of cooking." - Every girl will not take it as a privilege might be, it seems like a compulsion to them.
    @Pramilakapahi and Mr. Saji: Although, there has been a lot of change in today's time, and both boy and girl help each other. Still, the main job of cooking lies with the girl. I have always been a person away from kitchen and cooking. I have always been asked to learn to do it, because, at the end, it is the girl who has to do it. However, I have learned also to a lot extent. But I am not able to develop my interest in cooking, I just do it when needed.
    In spite of being very practical, it is not possible to be practical in everything like cooking also.
    Time has changed but still cooking is an important job for a girl to manage her family. This is the fact.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    As mentioned by others, it is the pattern of role allocation that has come down from our ancestors. It is changing and depending on the circumstances of each family the wife can cook, the husband can cook regularly with both sharing the kitchen on a holiday or a special occasion. To be frank, as you feel that why only girls should cook, many men might feel, why only boys should go an earn.
    Whatever is the job, it should be done with a fair division of the work and more importantly the responsibilities that come with it. Such thought processes can lead to arguments and potential rifts in the relationships.

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    Thanks Natarajan, this seems to be a convincing response to me. I have always had this thought in my mind about cooking, but you are right that this could lead to arguments. We should always do our job with happiness.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    For cooking with real taste the patience is the main ingredient. This normally available only with female. Late Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variar, a famous Tamil Spiritual Preacher, used to tell the following example in all his discourses. If a man of a house goes to market, he will buy the vegetables liked by him but if a woman of the house goes to market she will buy the vegetables liked by each and every person of her family except her own.
    It is really true in practical. Men also cook well but the difference is definitely italy there between men's preparation and women's preparation. But this can be realised only by well eater.

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