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    Emoticons are so relieving

    I think who discovered these little emoticons. They are super cute and so much relieving. Sometimes, if you are not in a mood to write anything, then also you can just use these emoticons to express yourself.
    They not only reduce words but also help to enjoy chatting. Our expressions are more enhanced by using an emoticon along with it. It feels like as if the person chatting with you is giving you an immediate reaction through that smiley. It feels so real.
    In fact, now they have also animated these smileys on applications like facebook messenger.
    Sometimes we are so excited that we send so many smileys of the same pattern together. It is complete fun playing with these emoticons.
    How do you consider the role of emoticons while chatting?
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    Yes emoticons and smileys really give a pleasant and happy feeling for those who have received it enjoyed it. We are invariably using these emoticons in the whatsapp messages and that is adding importance to read the message at once and respond. Moreover by using the apt emoticon and smileys we are actually telling the persons how much we care and respect him or her. But again over usage of same smileys and unconcerned emoticons will cast a spell on our ignorance and thus we are being teased by others. For the children too using of smileys and emoticons on their books brings lots of happiness in their face. My wife is a primary class teacher and she tries this in the books after correction of the pages. By putting emoticons and the excellent or stars allotted, the students and the parents feel elated for ever.
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    Exactly. Some days before I suggested usage of emoticons in ISC too. In India emoticons are called as "emo-jis" with respect. A bad joke, I know.
    A picture can tell a thousand words while a symbol can tell a whole history.
    We cannot emote through words.
    You cannot show how impactful a post is, without using emoticons.
    But it definitely have certain disadvantages.
    You stop describing and explaining your feelings like you previously did.
    This impacts your vocabulary.
    And the responses become very insignificant and conversation becomes odd.
    Imagine you texted me a joke, I replied with an XD instead of saying "its unbelievably hilarious!".
    You would feel my response is generic.
    I would seem less interesting to you.
    So, use emojis properly.

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    I am not very good at using these emoticons or emo-jis as they called. As the chatings and WhatsApp messages are increasing these days the importance of emoticons is increasing. It may be good to express our feelings and emotions through these emoticons. But as mentioned by Aditya these are creating a little disturbance to our language skills. When we write with our own words we are having the freedom one pressing our feelings and the receiver will understand our exact feelings. But these symbols will give same feeling but nota y specific-feeling which will be understood only by clear statement. Another problem with these symbols is people are completely forgetting a full sentence clearly and without any mistake in spelling or grammar.
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    I understand Rao Sir, elder people do not understand the meaning of all the emojis. My mother also faces the same problems while she is using watsapp and she keeps asking me.
    I feel these emojis denote a life pattern to all of us, they all have a separate story. Showing up all the reactions and expressions.

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    Emoticons are nice and cute and even fun to use in our correspondence or chats but all make not like. For instance, if you see the forum thread lists, the one on Mr.Sashi Kapoor's death has a miss you with tears and above it are two icons fighting with each other. To me, it distracts the viewer from the sad message and looks out of place. It may be good for others. Similarly, emoticons are okay in a group, among friends, family on most occasions. In few scenarios where the mood is somber, then we need to be careful. Maybe the younger people may not feel any reservations in using it more widely. If people on both sides have the similar views, then they would love the use of these characters. Most of us would accept a short sentence with a couple of emojis to capture the eye of the reader and convey the mood quickly.

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