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    Why tainted politicians still get rousing receptions from public ?

    In India and in many states the regional party politicians and those connected with National parties and who have indulged in corrupt practices in the past and there by getting tainted image for themselves and party , wont keep quiet and again their try for the next election. In that regard, they undertake mass contact programs through Padayatra, having regular public meetings and to the surprise of all those so called tainted leaders get rousing receptions to the places where ever they go. Does the voters forget the leaders past corrupt practice or they want to give them one more chance to mend ways ?
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    Your concern is admirable but nobody is bothered what so is going on. They think we have to vote so just vote. They are not bothered about parties or about their corruption. Many take it as an ancestral following. For eg. my in-law usually say's my mother use to vote for that party so from so many years my vote is for that. Her thinking I am still not able to change. What can we say for this?

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    Politicians whether tainted or not have a direct link with the masses and in most of the cases many people are obliged by them in one way or another. In return they require their votes and solidarity for the party. Politicians are very intelligent in taking advantage out of bad governance situation in the country.

    That is the main reason why people welcome them openly in public. Because of their good rapport and connection with public they get respect everywhere.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People usually idolise someone who can do things which we cannot. That is why a film character who beats ten villains in one single stroke is taken as an icon and people throng to have a glimpse of him. Only very few analyse and think about the righteousness of the act.
    The other practical reason is these people do gimmicks and use a fraction of their tainted dealing with innocent and naive people in a camouflaged way. The people will think that he is a kind and compassionate person without getting to know the truth.

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    All these people who are attending thes e meetings are not really voters. When the top leaders plan some 3vent like this, they will give targets to the local leaders. Their duty is to mobilise so many people for the meetings. So those local leaders will pay money to the daily wage workers and they will bring them to the meetings. They same people will be brought by another part next days. So you can find same people. These days it is a very common phenomenon. We need not give much weightage to those people.. Real voters will decide in the elections.
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    This is very common in our Indian political system, there are good leaders but the tainted ones are seen from the local ward level to the national level. Probably, they are reasonably seasoned to be bothered about their image or honest work being done or not being done. For any meeting, there are local carders who mobilize the general people, they are paid some money with packed food and transport. It is a good deal for the poor people without any work to earn and be provided food. All they need is to be present, be vocal and shout good slogans upon arrival of the leaders.The only people who are troubled are people like us who know the good and bad deeds done by the leaders. Unfortunately, the racket is so well run that it would difficult to dismantle it. We have had movies and news reports that depict this very well.
    So, the next time you see a leader so well received on the dais with a huge crowd chanting non-stop, the chances of this being a 'paid service' is more likely than genuine supporters.

    If you have some time, you can read this article.

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