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    Let there be complaint section separately for ISC

    Often we come across suggestions, complaints and problems being faced in this site and most of the threads are not seen by the webmasters and our editors hurry to close the threads citing they appeared previously. So what if the threads has appeared previously and when the authors wont get satisfied reply or no response they have the right to raise the issue again. When a problems persists and that is affecting my performance here should be reported by me and who else. Therefore separate section for complaints be set up for the threads to be permanent there with solutions.
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    It exists. But is not effective. I like your suggestion. Not a separate section, but a separate forum thread that should hang permanently on top of the first index page. Members to post their complaints and webmaster/ME should respond in that thread by viewing it regularly everyday.
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    Whatever queries we have presently we are posting in forum section. The Editors are responding and the matter is getting cleared. So I don't foresee any problem. Anyhow it is good to have a separate section for our doubts and other questions.
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    Yes, that would be great. Even any queries could also be posted in that case. And at least those asked questions would remain visible for editors for long if a separate section is there.
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    I agree with author's suggestion. If so most of the complaint will get solved. As like separate section for queries.

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    Don't insist for a separate section (I repeat) separate section. There is already a section 'Complaints & problems' under the Indiastudychannel category. What is required is a chain of complaints and their remedies as a thread in the forum section itself.

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    On a review, I see that the 'Problems/Complaints' sub category under forum is well utilised. Members are raising threads in that category bringing out their problems or complaints.

    However if possible there can be some arrangement, by which such threads get easy attention of the editor online / forum editor immediately by some quick alert system.

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    The existing system of raising a forum thread and getting answers if happening on most occasions.

    Personally, I've never posted a forum thread to raise an issue so far simply because I feel it's not correct to get 5 points for raising an issue.The raise a thread on a subject or to post a reply, a certain amount of thinking, formulating those thoughts and then typing is worth the 5 points awarded.

    On the top blue bar, we have the list of drop-down menus ending with 'More'. Would it help all of us if we have a 'Report an issue' or 'Troubleshooting' added there wherein we can post or read existing issues with the existing pattern of arrangement?These queries can be awarded 1 or 2 points.

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    At the outset, I would like the author to clarify whether this suggestion has been put forward because the genuine problems/ complaints/ suggestions posted by the members are not being addressed by the editors within a reasonable time. I don't think so, though I do not rule out the rare possibility of some threads of that nature being missed out.

    Coming to the point of having a separate section for complaints, we already have sub-categories for problems/ complaints and suggestions as has already been clarified in the responses above. Making it a point to post your threads in the appropriate category with clear titles will surely bring you faster (not that it is slow now) results. The suggestion by Sun seems to be more acceptable though the necessity for such an option also needs to be considered in totality since we already have the necessary facilities in place.

    I do feel it is important to mention a point in this connection and that is with regard to the selection of category under which you post a thread. For instance, look at this thread that is putting forward a suggestion. It has been posted in the miscellaneous category while it should have rightly been posted in the suggestions sub-category under the About India Study Channel category. Taking care of such minor (?) points does help.

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    In every good/popular website, there is provision/system for grievance redressal. In ISC also, in Forum section, there is a sub-category of Problems/Complaints under the category About IndiaStudyChannel. We can post our grievances under that sub-category.
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    Can we have Mr Mohan back on the stage please?
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