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    Birth of God and Goddess.

    It is too late hearing about the birth of God and Goddess. Jesus Christ , Pagamber Muhmad, Bhagwan Ram , Bhagwan Krishna, Mahatma Buddha and Mahatma Mahavir all took birth in thousands of years ago. We have n't heard the name in recent past. In different religion, it is said God will take birth after kalyug and save the earth. If it is so, then it is possible that he/she will take birth soon. Will we be lucky enough seeing the presence of God and Goddess on the earth?
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    I don't think so it will be true as per recent population and people's mind. Things are not like earlier days. Nowadays most of them don't listen, to their parents because of short time. Then in that case birth of God and Goddess on the earth will have no effect and can't change the world.

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    This is Kaliyug, that means last avatar of Gods and their incarnations, By the way Gods appeared on this earth as the bad characters with help of their boons taken from Lord Shiva, gone over board and created problems to the public and thus to finish them each avatar has happened. But in today state of affairs the world has been left to the mercy pf good and sincere people and they are dominated by unruly elements. In this regard the present working has been set in such a way that if you do bad thing for a person, you are confronted with bad experience or loss in your personal life the same day itself and thus Gods may not feel necessary to take one more avatar and tame us.
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    God is something which many people feel and believe as the super power in this universe who has created it, every speck of it and can destroy everything in an instant. He is supposed to be almighty and omnipresent.

    With this concept many religions have different ways of visualising Him. It is also believed that we are only a medium and whatever is happening in this world is as per His plans.

    In our religion it is believed that He will come and take birth in form of a divine human and finally kill the demons and sinful persons and make this world a habitable place.

    These things may not be acceptable to a rational mind and does not conform to logic but society at large is following the stories and fables about the God and Goddess and taking it as the only truth.

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    Based on religious faiths we cannot look at the physical world. According to Hindu faith there are ten incarnations and at the end of the last Kaliyuga the God will accept the incarnation of Kalki and will destroy everything, because the conditions on the earth will be so much uncontrollable.
    But other religious faiths are also there and more people follow them. They do not subscribe to Kaliyuga concept. So naturally they don't expect the end of everything. So how these two or more concepts can match ? I don't know. These contradictions can be seen in every concepts of religions.

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    It depends on who or what you call as God.
    For some Mahatma Gandhi looked like God. For some Adolf Hitler was God. For some mother Theresa was the solid proof of God and goodness.
    If you're waiting for a living entity to come and shower miracles to renew the earth, I'm sure you'll be disappointed.
    A man becomes God when he writes and rewrites his own destiny. When he masters his senses and skills to optimum.

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    Why can't we live in a way that we are able to help, guide , support and be solace to others;so that most of the godly qualities are in us? It is better to find the God in us than searching Him outside.

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    A question that makes you think philosophically. Many mythological legends, Gods, and Goddesses were created many centuries ago and we still believe in them. If you look around us, as time passes by crimes, atrocities, killings, looting, wars, bombings all are happening more frequently. This is coupled with regular natural calamities claiming lives and causing widespread destruction. Maybe it is time for a new incarnation of a higher power amidst us. I agree with Venkiteswaran sir, God lives within us by our good deeds, sincere efforts, honest approach and helping nature, so let's find Him within us.

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    I have heard that God will take birth in Kalyug in the last form of Lord Vishnu and his avatar name would be "Kalki". It is being told, and it is not necessary that whatever is being predicted will really happen. If at all God would be there, he will not at all be visible to our eyes.
    God is an unseen faith in all of u. If at all it happens, some of the evil issues might be treated correctly and his presence could then be felt.

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    God is Omnipresent . Some look God in Sai baba. Some feel Godliness in Kalki Bhagawan. That all depends on how you perceive the God. But if people inculcate the habits of Godly nature you will become Godly. If we help others when they are in need, if we see good in others and if we don't criticize others we may see God in them.
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    God is in this Kaliyuga felt in the form of light and sound. It can be realised by any human being if he controlled his evil thoughts and stabilize him/herself by focusing inside.
    Besides God will not in the form we expect but he comes into one's life as spiritual Guru. 'Deivam manishya roopena' is the saying and accordingly help from God will come to one from another man. Every human has God in him/her. So, it is meaningless in hating others.

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